Dragon Slayer (work in progress)

This is an in-depth walk-through of a dexterity build.



This build is for Soul Level 80 - 120. I designed this build to be fast, deadly, and effective when played. It's good for both PvE and PvP. Start by choosing a wanderer as a starting class seeing as how it has high Dexterity to start, and it doesn't matter what gift you choose but the Master Key is always a smart choice as it lets you explore more off the start. This class also utilizes the use of the Dragon Head and Dragon Torso.


  • Weapons: Iaito, Uchigatana, Washing Pole, Crest Shield, Dragon Crest Shield, Pyromancy Flame, Dragon Slayer Bow, Black Bow Of Pharis
  • Armor: Shadow Set, Black Leather Set, Elite Knight Set, Ornstein's Set, Havel's Armor
  • Rings: Dark Wood Grain Ring, Ring Of Favor And Protection, Havel's Ring, Speckled Stone Plate Ring
  • Use Items: Dragon Head Stone, Dragon Torso Stone, Gold Pine Resin, Charcoal Pine Resin, Repair Powder


  • Vitality 35-40
  • Attunement 11-16
  • Endurance 40-50
  • Strength 20
  • Dexterity cap at 40
  • Resistance 12
  • Intelligence 11
  • Faith 8-14

Item Walk-through

After exiting the asylum, proceed towards the Undead Burg. Along the path there will be a side path guarded by two Undead Soldiers (Spear), that leads to the undead merchant. Purchase a bow, arrows, repair powder, and bottomless box (recommended) then kill him and take the Uchigatana he drops. The Uchigatana will be very useful for the majority of this build. After you reach Andre of Astora, upgrade the Uchigatana as much as you can! After upgrading the Uchigatana at Andre, you can either kill the gargoyles or (recommended) take the elevator down towards Fire Link Shrine but head to the Asylum. At the Asylum your gonna want to avoid fighting the Stray Demon for now, head back up to where Oscar of Astora and kill him (he's hollowed when you return). After Defeating him, he will drop the Crest Shield (good against magic and physical attacks). The Crest Shield is a very well rounded item, it combines 100% physical damage reduction and 85% magic damage reduction with a good amount of stability. If you want to get the Dragon Crest Shield early on, take the stairs by the bonfire in Fire Link Shrine down to New Londo Ruins. When you arrive in New Londo Ruins, head to the right after you get off the elevator and head to Valley of the Drakes. Follow the path along the bridge till you get to a Undead Dragon, it will be sleeping and won't attack at the moment. If you walk slow you can grab the items (Dragon Crest Shield, Astora's Straight Sword, Nameless Soldier Soul) it guards before it attacks, but be careful. If it wakes up and you didn't get the items, you can either attack it (for a Dragon Scale) carefully or come back later when you feel more confident to fight it. Remember there's nothing wrong with running away or staying back. The Dragon Crest Shield is like the Crest Shield, they both have their ups and downs. Their both good against physical, but one's better against fire and the other is better against magic. After obtaining Basement Key, head down to Lower Undead Burg then to The Depths. After running The Depths, proceed to Blighttown. Before you start moving down Blighttown, look a ledge to see a item you can grab. Your gonna have to either roll off or run and jump to grab it, just be careful. Once you land on the platform, grab the item (Iaito) and continue down Blighttown. After you reach the swamp part of Blighttown, take the elevator up to Fire Link Shrine or continue to kill Spider Witch Quelagg.

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