The Grim Reaper build is meant to make other players cry in fear. In terms of gameplay strength it's fairly powerful, but in terms of style, it's the best.

  • Starting gift: Master Key.
  • Armor: Gold-hemmed Black Armor
  • Weapon: Lightning Great Scythe
  • Shield: Crest/Dragon Crest Shield
  • Ring1: Fog Ring
  • Ring2: Hornet/Dark Wood Grain/Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring

Most of this gear is actually fairly easy to obtain early with a little derring-do. The last item you'll obtain on here will be upgrading your Great Scythe +10 to a Lightning Great Scythe, as that requires Anor Lando, which absolutely requires the defeat of Sen's Fortress boss. However, a Great Scythe +5/+10 is still a force to be reckoned with. It has damage on par with great swords, an equal or greater reach, and an animation speed that belies its length. Most importantly, combined with the Gold-hemmed Black Armor which is easily the best lightweight armor in the game, you look like a badass Grim Reaper.

While the Fog Ring is supposedly being nerfed in the next patch, it will still be in the build. Yeah it might lose its over-powered immunity to lock-on... but it still makes you invisible! With the proper stealth tactics, the opposing player will be dead or highly damaged before he even gets a lock-on.

Stats (using starting class of Warrior)
  • Vitality: 11+ (all extra points here)
  • Attunement: 8
  • Endurance: 12+ (cap at 30 or 40)
  • Strength: 14
  • Dexterity: 14
  • Resistance: 11
  • Intelligence: 9
  • Faith: 9

The stat requirements for this build are basically nil. As the Grim Reaper, you abjure magic, pyromancy, and miracles. Those are for sissies. You have a giant scythe. You really don't even need the 14 Str/Dex since you're going to be two-handing the Great Scythe. BUT you will need the shield to actually progress in the game. Lightning weapons have no scaling so there's no reason to put more points into Str/Dex, which is fine because Lightning weapons deal more damage than scaling weapons until SL 100-150+. Basically, therefore, your points all go into Endurance and Vitality. You want enough Endurance to do 3 two-handed strong swings in a row which is about 35. After that, Vitality all the way.

Essentially, therefore, this build is "complete" at like SL10. Except for armor and the lightning upgrade on the Great Scythe, your core item build can be completed before you kill the Belltower Gargoyles. And the Forest Covenant can be accessed early for some steady PvP at low SL. Depending on how masochistic you are, the complete item build can be accomplished at a very low Soul Level.


This build wreaks low-level PvP and is especially hilarious against players who have never seen a Fog Ring in use. They often just run in circles. It is also viable in high-level PvP as the Grim Reaper is fast and stealthy and deals immense backstab damage. With a +5 Lightning Scythe and a hornet ring, you're looking at 500-1000 damage on a backstab.

I'm going to get a little more advanced but that's the basic Grim Reaper strategy: be fast and be stealthy. Don't run headlong into homing magic. Be patient but be swift once you get moving. You need to get up in people's faces (or better yet, behind their back). In a melee fight, you should never lose. You have foot-speed, you have attack-speed, and you have range. You can dance around big greatsword wielders and you can keep small-weapon users at bay with your superior reach. Your lightning scythe will cut through shields.

Most importantly, after you kill someone, you need to send them a message (on PSN or Live) saying the following: You just got killed by Death. Bwahaha.



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