Succeeding while using this build WILL be difficult. But when done, it will feel GREAT!
There are 2 types of Tricksters! The L Trickster ( Light ) and the H Trickster ( Heavy ). Obviously, one is more speed and backstab based and the other is more dodge, shield and hit.
L Trickster
Offensive equipment :
R1 : Rapier ( +15 ) OR Iaito ( +15 )
R2 : Velka's Talisman
L1 : Parrying Dagger OR Target OR Buckler
L2 : Logan's Catalyst
Defensive e quipment :
Head : Mask of the Father
Torso : Dark Armor
Legs : Dark Leggings
Hand : Shadow Gauntlets
Accessories :
Ring 1 : Ring of Favor and Protection
Ring 2 : Hornet Ring

Sorceries ( 3 Attunement Slots ) :
­ Hidden Weapon
Magic Weapon OR Great M.W OR Crystal M.W
Magic Weapon ( Regular ) is recommended if want a real challenge.
Miracles ( 2 Attunement Slots ) :
Force OR Emit Force
Karmic Justice
PS : You can raise your Miracle attunement slots to 3 if you want to be able to HEAL yourself while invading.

Attributes ( My Chosen Stats ) :
Stats and Recommended equipment

OK. This is my 1st Build! So there are probably going to have some problems while I take some time to test some combinations!

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