This build is just your standard Mage, but it focuses on getting really good gear, even before fighting the Taurus Demon.
Class: Sorcerer
Gift: Master Key ( Must)
Once you get out of the asylum...
  1. Grab the Homeward Bones and other goodies from the secret area at the bottom of the elevator in Firelink.
  2. Head to New Londo Ruins. Don't bother leveling up, as you will need the souls to buy spells from Vindhelm.
  3. Buy Soul Arrow from Vindhelm and slap it on, giving you 60 Soul Arrow casts to handle the challenges ahead.
  4. Head to Blight Town via the Short-cut in New Londo.
  5. There are 3 Big Hollows in this hallway that can be easily taken care of with about 15+ Soul arrows each. Pull the 1st 2 to the entrance of the hallway by Valley of Drakes. They cannot follow you all the way out. The 3rd can be kited easy enough while pelting him with soul arrows. Some guides say to skip these guys, but you will need to make a few of these runs to farm souls for Heavy Soul arrow.
  6. Once past them, grab the Crimson set and the Tin banishment Catalyst. ( In theory, you could venture deeper into Blight Town to the other goodies, but I didn't feel up to the challenge.)
  7. Buy Heavy soul arrow from Vinhelm and equip the Tin Banishment Catalyst.
  8. March your happy butt to Undead Burg. Grab the wooden shield if you are a cheapo like me.

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