Pilgrim Build - PvP

A Player Versus Player build that combines Dexterity and Faith.
The build is focused on doing damage quickly, effectively and minimizing and dealing with damage appropriately.
The base of this build is the Wanderer class due to its high initial dexterity, and the master key gift comes highly recommended.
While not necessary, if you want to fight other players at lower levels, it may be to your advantage to prepare your gear on another character and then use the Bottomless Box glitch to
transfer them over. Just take care to not to abuse the glitch.


Class: Wanderer
Gift: Master Key





Points Added

High enough to take hits and survive, but not necessary to level immediately as your intention is to dodge damage, not take it.
20 levels
14 - 16
While not crucial to raise it to 16, the additional attunement slot may come in handy.
3 to 5 levels
Since this is a fast build you should not be using any particularly heavy items, so endurance isn't critical, although if you feel you are running out of stamina constantly you may want to raise it further up to 40.
20 to 30 levels
As a dexterity build strength is only necessary for meeting requirements, so you'll only need 16.
6 levels
Dexterity is a key focus of the build, so you'll want it to be 40 at least.
26 levels
Not Applicable
0 levels
Not Applicable
0 levels
Since faith is very important for weapon scaling, miracle power and is a key focus of the build, you'll definitely want to put 50 points at least into this.
42 levels
120 levels minimum, 142 maximum.
It's possible to bring it up to 142 and still be matched with level 120's but it's recommended to stop at 141 if you're going to try push the limit.
120 to 141


Mask of the Child
Since you only have 30 endurance and focus on speed you'll be dodging and hitting quite a lot so making sure your stamina replenishes as fast as possible when you stop is very important. Very little poise and defense, but important none the less.
Elite Knight Armor +10
A high quality medium armor set with a great balance of poise, defense and weight allowing you to move quickly while retaining a good bit of protection.
Elite Knight Gloves + 9 or Paladin Gloves +5
Elite Knight gloves are great in terms of defense and weight, however they lack decent poise, so if you feel you need that extra bit of poise you can choose another pair of gauntlets to wear I recommend Paladin, but any set will work as long as they're not too heavy. Also, it's not really worth it to upgrade Elite Knight Gloves to +10 as the defense boost between +9 and +10 is not worth a titanite slab.
Black Iron leggings +5
A great set of leggings with excellent poise, nothing much to complain about when you're wearing these.


Dark wood Grain Ring: A ring which lets you perform flips and a longer dodge animation if you are under 50% weight capacity. Great for avoiding damage and 100% necessary for any good dex build.
Ring of Favor and Protection/ Hornet Ring/ Ring of your choice: While you can choose whatever you feel suits you for this slot, a couple suggestions are the Ring of Favor and the Hornet ring if you can
get backstabs and parries easily. Be careful if you choose Ring of Favor and Protection though as taking it off will destroy it, limiting your characters flexibility somewhat.


Uchigatana +15
By it's own it's a great dexterity weapon with the great addition of the bleeding effect to help combat tanking classes, but combined with the Darkmoon Blade or Sunlight blade miracle, this weapon turns to much more powerful tool of destruction, dealing high scaling faith and dexterity damage, with this combo the Uchigatana is a weapon to be reckoned with.
Divine +10 Iato/ Uchigatana/ Claymore/ Richards Rapier/ Balder Side Sword
Pretty much any dex scaling weapon will do, but a good faith build is not without an appropriate divine weapon to provide a balanced all round use weapon for use in PvP and PvE. While the claymore is slower than other dexterity weapons and scales badly, it makes up for it in being one of the few flexible two-handed weapons capable of dealing immense damage with a medium expense to speed. Richards Rapier however, scales very well with dexterity, so if you're going for a somewhat safer and better scaling weapon RR might be the choice for you. The divine +10 is the icing on the dexterity weapon cake.
Occult Estoc +5/ Occult Richards Rapier +5
The third primary weapon you'll be using is a dex/occult weapon capable of doing fast medium damage overall, both are good choices and in the end which you choose comes down to personal preference. Alongside the Uchigatana this key piece of equipment is crucial to a good faith/dexterity build. (Occult damages scaling, so richards rapier might not be so great.)
Start with Thorolound talisman until your faith is around 25, then switch to regular talisman and once its 35 switch over to ivory, sunlight or darkmoon talisman, it's all up to you from there.
The pharis bow is a good choice, also get some poison arrows in case your opponent wants to hide behind NPC's or force you into difficult areas.


Black Knight Shield: A very impressive medium shield, this will block 100% physical damage alongside 95% fire, making enemy pyromancers seem a good deal less intimidating.
Crest Shield: Another great shield, this should be kept in your inventory at the very least in case you are forced to face a magic user.


Wrath of Gods
While some consider it cheap to use in PvP, Dark Souls is an intentionally hard game, and to survive you're going to need all the help you can get.
Healing is an important miracle for invading as besides humanity; it's the only other way to restore your health quickly. Good if there's a lull in the battle or you manage to hide.
Darkmoon Blade/ Sunlight blade
Enchants your weapon with faith scaling magic, this will buff your weapon to incredible power if used as a high level Blade of Darkmoon covenant member, used solely foryour Uchigatana, this will turn an already deadly weapon into the very blade of the gods themselves.
(Optional) Sunlight Spear/ Tranquil Walk of peace
Sunlight spear allows you to get in some good ranged damage, although you'll need to sacrifice Gwyns soul and rank up to +1 in Sunlight Warriors covenant, making it incompatible with Darkmoon blade. Tranquil Walk of Peace will slow nearby foes movement speeds by 25%, while not especially dangerous, it does provide an opportunity to flank your foe and attempt a backstab. Highly infamous alongside Wrath of Gods, but once again, survival of the fittest.


ThereWillBePayne and with a great deal of helpful advice from Lucid33

Pretty much any dex scaling weapon will do, but a good faith build is not without an appropriate divine weapon to provide a balanced all round use

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