Playstation PvP & PvE Matches


This is a page for the community to organize PvP &/or PvE matches. Here you can see each registered player's Soul Level, area of interest, and intentions, rules and qualifications (i.e. experienced, new, dirty fighter, honorable, etc.).
The Rules Are:
  1. For PvP you MUST state the kind of fight and rules you wish (i.e. duel, honorable, ANYTHING GOES, etc.), should the host/invader break the rules of the fight feel free to make an indictment. The invader should message the Host, to make the Host sure they are entering the fight, and as a heads up so the Host can enter the designated location, as such the Host should remain in their designated location until the fight commences.
  2. For PvE you should message the Host so, as stated above, they can enter the designated area, and know who to summon. The summoned should be fairly exprienced with co-op, and(although this STRICTLY OPTIONAL) should be a Warrior of Sunlight.
  3. Should you message the Host, and no response be sent within 5 days, feel free to erase their column from this page.

Soul Level
Location of Interest
Duke's Archives(bonfire by the balcony)/PvP
I would like a CLEAN match, start with a bow,if the area is clutter with enemy of object help me kill/destroy everything so we can have a fight without interruptions

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