Playstation IDs for Dark Souls players looking to make friends and enjoy co-op and pvp on PSN. Please put other IDs on their appropriate Steam and/or Xbox pages.

Reminder - As you progress through the game please check back here periodically to update your soul level so new players can accurately judge if they can summon you or not. 

Playstation ID Dark Souls

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Date PSN ID Character Level Comments Version


Angrycat7213 Iron Golem Cosplay levels 50-70 (willing to co-op with)

The Iron Golem build is actually really fun to use. Here's a link to the build in case you want to try it out .



XRayneUltimateX main crapplemage nearly all

Looking for some coop action while streaming, want to take newer people to the game.



seb4st7ion Dex Melee and Pyro Build 40 + Any level (with password) Jolly co-operation in Dark Souls Remastered, happy to help with bosses if I'm on. (password negates level restriction)



Kallamatay55 Warrior 48 Just looking for friends to play online with in Jolly co-operation, also would like some help getting through the game (especially Anor Londo Boss). I am happy to help others and also have the DLC so we may fight Artorias together.


08/31/2016 devildante0510 Sparda 120 Just looking for some friends to play, played all 3 dark souls through and through and love the games, just looking to play with others, or help anyone anyways i can.  I have the DLC as well.  Just hit me up on PSN.


04/19/2016 Murfolk Melee 62 Veteran DS player. I have played Demon souls all the way to DS3. I always twitch gameplay together under the same name as my PSN. Check it out and party up with me for good times!  USA
03/15/2016 jockae87 Sorcerer 45 First time ever playing the game — and loving it! I just got my Demon's Souls Platinum Trophy and would like to do the same for Dark Souls I. Feel free to add me if you want PvP, Co-Op or just to have another PSN friend on your list ☺ USA
8/19/15 BeelzebubGTrollz theif 173-200 looking for anyone that wants to either pvp or co-op USA
17/10/2015 VERSEL777 Pyro 50-135 Looking for a partner, for pve and also pvp if you want to. I want to finish this game with somebody but better with voice you rather has microphone. My skype VERSEL3  
8/09/2015 artorias101 Sunlight Warrior deals a lot of damage main weapon is the uchigatana and the black bow of pharris 136 looking for someone I can pvp and co-op with it would be great fun also looking for someone with the dark silver and gold tracer (darksouls 1) Aus
8/10/15 Thunder-Reap Darkwraith cosplay 120 Higher vitality and endurance. Been playing Dark Souls for a while. Decent in PvP and better at PvE. Willing to Skype while we co-op or PvP if I can. This character is ***** capped at 120. US
08/11/15 NavyMA3Kelley Cleric 48 All I play are clerics US
03/27/15 poopandpee Deprived unknown presently, will update later I am relatively new to the game. I have so much to grasp still. Co-op of course... for anything. I'm pretty easy-going. A little disclaimer though, I don't have too much time to play. US
03/20/15 ronnpa2 Havel Cosplay and Thief 132 Love co-op, needs help with Gwyn. EU
03.05.2015 sparky_ninja_123 Flippy Pyro Thief 30 Love Co-op, building for pvp, need help with the Four Kings PTDE
02.16.2015 outlawcwp86 Deprived 111 Love co-op and PVP US
01.02.2015 ozankurt96 Dex Build High Damage 55 skype: ozankurt96, I love playing online doesn't matter Co-op or Pvp Prepare To Die Edition
01/12/14 JuanDeLordOfAyy Knight 25 Love some Co-Op. EU
  Sovann_Cross Knight of ultimate squishy 602 co-op pvp :) something fun, no hacks plz  
  MAXDRAGON777 knight: strength/faith/pyro build (sunbro/darkwraith)
pyromancer:dex build (chaos)

very active, will co-op and pvp. im on normaly after 10pm central time in usa.
will help new players.
  cowboyjuggles Thief 187 NG+ Prepared to die edition: As I have successfully completed the game would be happy to assist on any bosses, up for a bit of a pillage as well :)  
  Kerras Cleric 180 I'm on NG+. Mostly jolly co-op. Be glad to help with bosses.I have the dlc beat. Working on the 4 kings then moving on to Gwin. Would love to have some Dark Souls friends.
Update. Really need help in new londo ruins. Need mage's badly. Please send friend request.
  Slangor_Nexus Pyromancing Tank Healer 155 (Stopped atm) I've been getting into a healer type of build but I can literally tank a boss without losing my stamina so if you need help I can keep the enemies/bosses attention. N/A
  SKnightUSolaireN Tarkus cosplay 28 (stopping at 125) it's an iron tarkus cosplay except im going to use the black knight greatsword instead of a greatsword. Also looking for jolly co-op once i get high enough level i will help you if you need it  
  coke_monster Tank (Havel pve)
Theif/pyromancer (pvp)
94 (will stop at 100)
More interested in honing my pvp skills with my second character, but can help with any boss, especially fire-weak bosses. I'm on NG+ and need time to go through the game again, but I'm pretty fast and can get to any area if told ahead of time. Add me! US
  BlowHound Mage 115 (going to stop around 120) Will help with any bosses and PvP practice, or anything else, really. I'm pretty new to PvP, so probably very beatable. Would love some parry practice or gladly help out with any techniques you wish to try out.
Send me a nice message and I'll happily help/add you.
  Xx_V1NCH0_PRO_xX pyromancer 145 (still going) ng ++ Anything really, Willing to trade also, have almost everything in the game, also DLC items. Co-op and PvP, if you need help in anything (including in PvP) Just add me as friend and message me over PSN with "help DS" as title.

feel free to add me :)
  telamon95 Greyson 93 Im in NG+ and am looking for people to boss farm with. im using all of havels armor, havels greatshield+3, and the Dragon Greatsword+3. I LOVE ENGAGING IN JOLLY COOPERATION! US
  Raiden_Everdark Mage/Dex 44 (CAPPING BETWEEN 60-75) character is built for co-op and PvE so if you need help, please add me and i'll do my best, i would also like some help with bosses and exploration :) EU
  fosmofo, sir-invade-alot I started making Cosplay characters from my favorite games & movies. D, Raziel & Kain are a few to mention. Any,I'm also willing to level up to help or for trades & exchanges. feel free to msg me =)
I need trade & exchange partners to help make my cosplays. I will give out TONS OF FREE GEAR & ITEMS for the help or just because =)
Co-op, PvP, Invading and playing Santa Claus?---->My first invader ever didn't kill me, instead he gave me 99 twin humanities. So I'll invade and give gifts, then kill you =D
  The_7UP_Buddy My three main ones are:
Lvl 129-135 Greatsword/Claymore Sunbro tank faith build
Lvl 71 Lifehunt Scythe Build (Lord's Blade Set+5, Lifehunt+5, Power Within)
Lvl 96 Low HP High int-melee Cosplay build (Rapiers+5/+15+darkmoonblade)
135,71,96, a bunch of (40~80) and a lvl 4 Feel free to message me/add me
Mostly up for Jolly Coop helping against Bosses or entire areas. I also practice friendly pvp a bit.
At the moment I'm leaving my sign for either Artorias or Kalameet (+tail cutoff) with my lvl 71 Lifehunt Scythe Build. I don't use shield, I buff myself with power within and I'll buff you with the Channeler's Trident Dance, so we'll all be +40% deadly!
NA (Canada)
  elloguvnas, or A3rdvictory A bunch of different 125's, a 55 in progress, a 80 in progress. 125's. Down for jolly co-operation and pvp US
  YuNgCyPhA1 Rage mode Mage/ Battlemage 100    
  YoungishSquido Tank, Stealth Thief, Mage 50; 100; 130 Am up for Co-op, most of the time doing PvP or working on other builds. Working on a lot of builds at the moment, so if I'm busy, you know what I'm doing. :)
Information on my builds:
  • High vit, Great Club PvP SL130 Build
  • High Int, mostly uses Spells, SL130 Build
  • SL50 Forest Hunter thief, Hidden Body and Chameleon baby, loves backstabs and his precious Hornet Ring <3
  THE_SCARYSNOWMAN i use my own builds i call it the DBZ builds i have a Broly/knight that is all around a god,a goku/ thief/pyromancer that is warrior tank with some endurance. multiple characters 1-500 msg me what level u want me to use ill do anything and if u need hel let me know, or if u need a item ill give it to you even armor. just msg me and ill get it. msg me the level u want me to use. then give me some time like an hour or 2 and ill get him there. US
  SSHOCKILLER or if you cant reach me there robertdelgado44 sorcery wander tank/warrior and pyro 1-200 multiple character summon ranges 6/28/13 Hi I would like to help people of the main game or dlc if they need also looking for fight clubs and other stuff around that area also looking for different thing which you can check in the player trade send me a friend request if you interested in some help or people in fight club Praise The Sun  
  Erb-shwarz-Fu Tank/Warrior 47 Hi peeps. I'm a relatively confident player although i am a noob of sorts. I would like to engage in jolly co-operations. I'm happy to help or be helped so please don't hesitate to contact me.  
  Folkenio Warrior/Soldier types 132 the main one, and just starting another, near 20 I need some help to beat the Four Kings (NGç), and I'm also I enjoy co-op sessions. Although I've been offline for a year or so, I'm kinda getting the hang on online.
Never played the AOTA DLC, but I'm willing to.
Feel free to add/message me anytime
  Narutodiaz Wanderer/Deprived 346/38 Looking to trade anything for a Second Darkmoon Talisman. I have doubles of all rare weapons and multiple souls for trading as well as the ones from the AOTA. I'm also willing to join in jolly co-operation anywhere! US
  megashark Warrior/Pyromancer/Sorcerer Tank 124 Going for an Artorias of the Abyss build with major stats in endurance, strength, Attunment, Dexterity, Faith, and Intelligence. I am currently looking for lots of Demon Titanite, Twinking Titanite, and White Titanite chunks for upgrade purposes for Atorias' armor and weapons, as well as getting Soul of Sif and Lord Gywn's Soul. Will do Jolly Co-operation in all areas except Dukes Archives, Catacombs(trying to get the warp to work) If you want to summon me, message me and place your sign close to the bonfire.
Edit: I now have Duke's Archives and Tomb of the Giants warp bonfires working. Feel free to summon me anywhere!
I also have 2nd-3rd copies of certain armors that I don't want. Message me what armors your looking for.
Praise the Sun and Embrace the Dark!
  JuSera88 Knight with some sorcery casting ability. 102 Just defeated centipede demon and about to proceed thru lost izalith. Accepting any and all assistance thru Lost Izalith.

Feel free to add me.
  Gambrix Warrior / Pyromancer 77 I'm looking for co - op and help with killing bosses. It's my first playthrough. PS. I"M TOTAL NOOB !
; D
  Chuck_Prat Thief 50 first playtrought Im noob looking for co-op US
  Heywire00 Str./Dex. Quality build
Faith knight build
scythe wielding caster
80(not yet capped)
86( or maybe 89?)
Ive beaten the game and/ or otherwise have beaten all bosses but Gwyn, gone onto NG+ one time (level 105), and are currently at Andor Londo ( I believe). I mostly co op on my characters and am often a Sunbro. My PvP charecter is my level 89 quality build, who I will most likely take to 120 if I decide to go NG+. I will help on all bosses if I'm within range. Just leave me a message mentioning Dark Souls and I will not hesitate to accept! US
  SpIderXShad0w Miracle Spearman 80 My character has beaten the game for completion, and is available for Co-op or PvP at any location. I know the locations of all but maybe two of the items, and all secrets otherwise. US
  Thedarksoul08239 Warrior, Pyromancer 80, 103 I have beaten dark souls already and i can help in co op with any boss or area you have problems with my level 80 is a co op build with high vitality and alot of strength and my 103 is a strong pyromancer. Also if your serious about it and want some pointers i will start a brand new game with you canada
  darktaz2009 Quality build, Pyromancy, Miracle and now going down magic route.
Dexterity Intelligence build, very strong magic skills.

Am new game +2. Can drop back with all bosses with this build.
Am new game +1 with this build, can drop back and help with most bosses. Especially good with four kings.
  Wolfsbane28 Knight (Corian)
Bob (Boxer)
Khellendros (Dragonbro)
121 (NG+)
18 and rising
Jolly co-op/ starting to pvp

joining the forum covenant
  Revan_187 Warrior (Anything) 1, 360. (Anything) Looking for Co-Op, PVP, anything. Can make a new character to level up. Have a level 360 PVP character. Whatever Works, Add me on PSN with DS In message. US
  Daimon_gg warrior (melee\pyro) 110 Looking for co-op, PvP or just chat with other players. Im on NG++ Also I play Demon's souls (SL 14 knight), but just have started. Feel free to add me on PSN.(22.08.2013) EU/RUS
  MiLiFei deprived SL 198 I am up for helping any who provides and needs help, so we can engage in jolly coop. Im on NG+. USA
  Rustafarl Warrior
Sneaky Mage
SL 130 and rising
SL 105 and rising
SL 90, capping at 125
SL 100
SL 20
I love to pvp and engage in jolly cooperation! I've beaten the game in under 15 hours and tried speeeeed runs. Hit me up for a good time ;D US
  Shrike7 Warrior SL 140 I want to do PvP. If anyone wants to duel, please contact me. US
  UnderageDrinking SL137 jolly Co-op, growing as of march 2013 Holy Knight PvE PvP NA
  kDTProjekt several, but for this purpose only using one of them. several, but only using a SL 1 for now. Doing a SL 1 run through the game. Looking for people interested in co-oping with me for it. NA
  X-Dranovan Tanker(STR, END, VIT) 105 Need help beating that %$#%¨boss? I can tank that *****! Message me! (Except DLC) US and EU
  azkckr Cleric
Looking for Jolly co-op for Nito, Seath, Bed of Chaos & DLC. Add me on PSN. US
  Jesterhead1985 Hadraniel (all around, STR, Dex, Faith)
Garrett (Dex/Faith/Pyro)
Looking to Co-Op thru each NG mode and raise my SL. Warrior of Sunlight Covenant. JOLLY CO-OPERATION!
I suck at PVP so I won't be doing any of that. Am willing to help with any boss.
  Draug_Dragnir Bandit


Both characters are Co-op, PvE. My level 64 will stay lvl 64. My level 36 Hellspawn Pyromancer will be updated every week. I will help anyone almost anywhere I can help.
Add Me if you'd Like to help me or if you would like help.
I need help with a special matter in game.I need someone level 50-59 and someone who is trust worthy. If you'd like to help please feel free to contact me on PSN.
NA (Canada/USA)
  DARK_HIZA Wanderers 112 UPDATE (2-24-13): Will do Co-Op and PvP, but I just recently started New Game +. I have yet to beat Nito, Seath, 4 Kings, Priscilla, Orn and Smough, Gwyn, Bed of Chaos, and Demon Ruins. Feel free to add me for a full Co-Op experience. Remember - if you want to PvP, you can play with me no matter what level. Co-Op though, only levels 92 - 134. Look forward to playing with you! USA
  Nmccarrick36 (4) 2. 145 Faith build18 Mage and Dex build28 Pyro83 Fighter (All) Perfer COOP instead of PVP  
  townof713 Faith/dex 166,177,167,109 PVP AND COOP ADD ME WITH Dark souls as a message, or add me on skype and message me
skype name - wierdon5
  NeoSpudly Faith 107
NG+ soon
Co-op Mostly, will try anything though. USA
  dArk_tELeVisON Soccer
  alexsbudel Thief 130
and UP...
any co-op, pvp, all... USA
  YuugureAkai Faith Build Soul Level 94 Co-op, PvP, Trade red and blue chunks and slabs for White chunks and slab - Also Playing Demon´s Souls level 120 USA
  Tired-Gringo pyro 1 Any coop is welcome, if you want to summon me i'll be glad to help you. I need to kill nito, seath and manus to complete my playthrough EU
  draky7 i have mostly wanderer and theif but i have levels for any need if your below lv 100 i require 6 hours prior to level up an account to at least 75. i have nearly unlimited souls due to 800 hours of playing and a peeve to always train. right now its 620,339,190,123,48,and a different account is hitsu*****a at level 79. i have multiples on 190 339 and everythign at least 4 times on 620 account. let me know if i am able to help in any way USA
  JaridBlaze Thief/jack of all trades build 29 looking for help to get to the second bell and maybe get a coop partner or more. Love this game, but having trouble getting around. USA
  Coffygrinder Theif 68 Going for Plat or looking to start a new coop with someone to work together from start to fini  
18/06/2015 legendRJ N/A 0 Wanted to start playing DS1 (PS3) & DS2 SOTFS (PS4) and was wondering if anyone wanted to start a new game with me. South Africa

PvP in Kin of the first flame. Looking for a skilled player around my level.

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