Samurai Black
I Built this character because buffing my sword all the time got really really boring
Start with a warrior, master key, and immediately stop using your shield and 2 hand your weapon. Get past the tutorial. Take the shortcut PAST Havel for now kill the golems and the hydra and just keep running until you get to the cat covenant. Kill The chick for Pharis' bow, Join the cat covenant, then talk to Shiva. Run to the bonfire closest to the moonlight butterfly and turn human. Run to Beatrice's summoning sign and kill the stone knight before summoning her. Kill the moonlight butterfly, Grab divine ember. Run through the valley of drakes and purchase the Washing Pole from Shiva at the bottom of blighttown ladder. Kill him and his bodyguard. Now if your really good at this game go kill quelaag. If your really really good at this game go kill the grey wolf and the 4 kings. If not hop back up to the undead parish finish off the taurus demon, bell gargoyles, capra demon, gaping dragon, back to quelaag (Iaito, shadow armor first), go upgrade weapons to +10 with new ember in depths, then stray demon, get the covetous gold serpent ring, go to new londo acquire very large ember, destroy iron golem, priscilla (You MUST get the black iron armor), smough, ornstein. IN THAT ORDER. After you acquire the Lordvessel, Go beat Seath the scaleless and harvest the clams for twinkling titanite and upgrade black knight and shadow armor fully (80 twinkling) head for the daughter of chaos and destroy ceaseless discharge the demon firesage and the centipede demon before making your way to the shortcut behind the titanite demon (sunlight maggot) then back to the bed of chaos. Get an uchigatana from the undead merchant or Shiva (if you absolved your sins). Divinify it and go kill gravelord nito. New Londo ruins summon beatrice and kill the four kings. Kill Gwyn its easy.

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