Utilizes Certain Stats To Maximize The Damage To The Point Of Overpowered.


RH 1: Dragonslayer Spear+5 > Inflicts Lightning Damage; Over-Tops Heavy Armor. It's Damage Is Somewhat Low, But Incredible Scaling, Damage Modifiers Are: C/B/--/B, In Order, Strength, Dexterity And Faith At The End. Another Few Reasons Why This Weapon Is Very Good Is Because It's Speed Is Extremely Fast, It Also Stun-Locks Very Effectively, 1H RT/R2 Fires A Very Swift Moving Lightning Bolt, Consumes 20 Durability And Can Catch Up Runners, The Durability Is 300, That Means You Can Fire 15 Bolts. This Is A Thrusting/Special Type Spear, Which Means It Has The Ability To Attack Behind A Spear, Also Press 2H RT/R2 2x Times For A Slow, Yet Extremely Heavy-Hitting Thrusting Strike That Launches Your Opponent In The Air. The F ( Forward ) + 2H R1/RB Is Very Fast And Can Be Followed Up By An Attack. Deals 135 Phys. Dmg. + 90 Lng. Dmg. When You Have The Desired Stats, This Does 473 AR, 305 Phys. Dmg. 168 Lng. Dmg. Needs 10x Demon Titanite Shards To Get +5, Also Weighs 10.0 But Won't Effect This Build Effectively.

RH 2: Pyromancy Flame+0 > Power Within Is In Use, Don't Upgrade As It Will Drain More HP And Won't Add More Damage Boost.
LH 1: Balder Shield+15 > At +15, Has 75% Stability, Weighs 4.0 Which Isn't Very Much, Also Has A 100% Physical Defense. Parry Speed: Normal, Deflection Speed: Normal.

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