Simple Dexterity build done right...
Build is a dexterity warlord pretty much.
RH1 Chaos Blade +5 (450)
RH2 Lifehunt Sythe + 5 (491)
LH1 Black Bow of Pharis +15 (400)
LH2 Silver Knight Spear +5 (371)
Number in pharentheses is the attack power of the weapon at dexterity 40 counting you have 10 humanities on you for the chaos blade.
Souls Level 85
Starting Class Warrior
Vitality 40
Attunement 8
Endurance 34
Strenght 16
Dexterity 40
Resistance 11
Intelligence 9
Faith 9
Ok run down of weapons
Chaos blade - probably strongest katana in game. If u like the katanas then chaos blade is really an unknown treat. Swings like a katana hits like a katana but with much heavier damage hits. The loss of health with each hit is barely noticeable and if u cant run throught the game with atleast 10 humanities shouldnt be much of a problem with a mature player. Tip for players - Incorporating a good kick with the tap R1 and up in your skill set its very valuable for upper lvl pvp
Lifehunt Scythe - easy weapon should only used two handed the scythe has two outstanding attacks the first in the running attack its fast and side to side and if played right will never get backstabbed Second is the strong attack its a running sideswipe assult that can be quick or follow up with a second slash or a roll. Tipe for players - when playing with a strong but slow weapon focus on using its quickest attacks more than anything
Silver knight spear - very long and a couple peks will leave a mark
Black bow of Pharis - Good strong bow

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