The Followers of Izalith

Our Lore: The story of Izalith is one of sadness and suffering that continues even to this moment. This story has touched us in such a way that we find
ourselves to want to know what the suffering is, and in some way, overcome it in order to help those of Izalith one day overcome the tragedy they are in
and restore it to its former glory. Each Protector takes a form of suffering upon themselves in search of a way to overcome it. This suffering is used in
order to protect the sacred land of Izalith and its neighbor, Blighttown, from any desecration in order to preserve and one day restore Izalith.

Must be a Chaos Servant+1
Must have Pyromancy

The different paths:
There is the Path of Fire, the Path of Chaos, the Path of Shadows, the Path of Exile, Path of Demons, and the Path of Infection.
These paths determine how you are ranked and the requirements of your suffering.
UPDATE: Standard Equipment is NOT a requirement. It is the general representation of how the follower looks.

Fire Followers:
Fire Followers believe the flame is a solemn gift that is not meant for power, but for practice. The flame is an uncontrollable being, and as such,
is meant to be cherished, not abused. Fire followers use basic pyromancies in plentiful quantity and follow Quelana of Izalith as their great leader
for bringing them the power of the flame. As such, true followers of the Fire always have Fire Tempest on them in order to exact Quelana's power
upon enemies of the flame. Their primary form of suffering is using lesser fire magic, as without the power of poison and chaos, they are not nearly
as strong as some of the other protectors. Their Primary invasion location is the Quelaag's Domain.

-Primary Form of Suffering: Only allowed to use basic pyromancy (as listed below)
-Primary Leader: Quelana of Izalith
-Primary Invasion Location: Quelaag's Domain

Ranks of the Flame-
Fire Follower (Starter)
Fire Starter (15 Humanity)
Fire Controller (30 Humanity)
Fire Commander (60 Humanity)
Fire Creator (120 Humanity)
Fire Breather (200 Humanity)
First Flame Follower (Special Conditions and 250 Humanity)
Standard Equipment:
Pyromancer set
Spider Shield
Standard Pyro Flame +15 (Ascended is allowed)
Allowed Spells:
Fire Orb
Great Fireball
Fire Tempest
Great Combustion
Fire Whip
Fire Surge
Flash Sweat

Chaos followers:
Chaos Followers understand that the power bestowed from the demons and the chaos that created them is a gift, and suffer the bearing of having
to use less magic in order to use powerful magic. Chaos users hold humanity within them in order to gain power and strength with their magic
and weapons. Chaos followers' primary leader is The Bed of Chaos for granting them the power of Chaos. Their primary form of suffering is their
Chaos Pyromancies, as they exchange having a lot of power in order to have the strongest of flames. Their Primary invasion location is Lost Izalith.

-Primary Form Of Suffering: Only allowed to use Chaos Spells (as listed below)
-Primary Leader: The Bed of Chaos
-Primary Invasion Location: Lost Izalith

Ranks of the Chaotic-
Chaos Follower (Starter)
Chaos Witness (15 Humanity)
Chaos Devourer (30 Humanity)
Chaos Manipulater (60 Humanity)
Chaos Decider (120 Humanity)
Chaos Bleeder (200 Humanity)
Sleeper of the Bed (Special Conditions and 250 Humanity)
Standard Equipment:
Gold-Hemmed Set
2 Quelaag's Furyswords
Orange Charred Ring
2 Ascended Pyro Flame +5
Allowed Spells:
Great Chaos Fireball
Chaos Storm
Chaos Fire Whip
Undead Rapport
Flash Sweat

Infection Followers:
Infection followers believe that what Eingyi did was not wrong, but was an evolution of the great flame. Infection followers use the power of poison,
toxin, and acid in order to show the true power of the great swamp that was abandoned and disregarded as blasphemy. Infection followers are
also the leaders of spreading the suffering that is felt by The Fair Lady and her followers. Infection followers use an egghead and infect enemies
in order to spread the suffering. The primary leader of Infection followers is Engyi, for even though he may have caused the suffering of many, he
brought upon a new age of the flame. Their primary form of suffering is the Egg Head Parasite, for its infection makes them more susceptible to
the flame, but gives them the power of infecting others. Their Primary Invasion Location is Lower Blighttown.
NEW INFO: Infection followers are now allowed to join the Gravelord Servants in order to further spread infection.

-Primary Form of Suffering: Must have an Egg Head Parasite
-Primary Leader: Eingyi
-Primary Invasion Location: Lower Blighttown

Ranks of the Infected-
Infection Follower (Starter)
Infection Spreader (15 Humanity)
Infection Embedder (30 Humanity)
Infection Mutator (60 Humanity)
Infection Developer (120 Humanity)
Infection Plaguist (200 Humanity)
Creator of the Blight (Special Conditions and 250 Humanity)
Standard Equipment:
Egg Head
Pyromancer Set
Large Club
Gravelord Sword
Rotten Pine Resin
Poisonbite Ring
Allowed Spells:
Poison Mist
Toxic Mist
Acid Surge
Flash Sweat

Shadow Followers:
Shadow Followers follow a path they became stuck in when they assaulted blighttown. Shadow followers were once spies, but after Blighttown
fell apart, they became trapped as protectors of Izalith. To each is granted a Chaos Blade, the weapon they pursued so strongly for their leader,
Shiva. Shiva will never gain the weapon from them, for each is bound to the weapon, and the weapon will shatter upon their death, or vice versa.
Shiva will have to find other means to obtain it. Shadow followers learned magic from the Vinheim spooks in order to become better at their duty.
This magic followed them into undeath, and is now used as a means to trap and enticingly kill all intruders attempting to reach Izalith. The Chaos
Blade they carry is their curse, as it slowly kills them as it kills their foes, eventually ending the follower themselves. Shadow Follower follow Shiva,
because even after death, their duty is not done. Their Primary Invasion Location is Upper Blighttown.

-Primary Form of Suffering: Must use the Chaos Blade as their primary weapon.
-Primary Leader: Shiva of the East
-Primary Invasion Location: Upper Blighttown
Ranks of the Shadow-
Shadow Follower (Starter)
Shadow Stalker (15 Humanity)
Shadow Striker (30 Humanity)
Shadow Stealer (60 Humanity)
Shadow Bender (120 Humanity)
Shadow Walker (200 Humanity)
Shadow of the East (Special Conditions and 250 Humanity)
Standard Equipment:
Shadow Set
Dark Hand
Chaos Blade
Ring of Fog
Dark Wood Grain Ring
Izalith Catalyst
Allowed Spells:
Hidden Body
Aural Decoy
Fall Control
Acid Surge
Power Within
Flash Sweat

Exile Followers:
Followers of the Path of Exile view the two great Exiles, Xanthous King Jeremiah and Kirk of Thorns, to be true heroes that fought to the bitter end
to bring back Izalith. Exile Followers wear the armor of their leaders to show their loyalty to their ways. As such, this is also their suffering, which
they take glady upon them with pride. Exile followers also prefer to create suffering upon their enemies by making them bleed, and as such, bleed
weapons are their specialization. This is also the only Path that Darkwraiths can join, as the great knight Kirk was a Darkwraith salvaging humanity
for the fair lady. Primary Invasion Locations are the Depths and the graveyard in the Painted World.

-Primary Form of Suffering: Must use either Thorns Set or Xanthous Set
-Primary Leader(s): Xanthous, King Jeremiah and Kirk, Knight of Thorns
-Primary Invasion Location(s): The Depths and the Graveyard in the Painted World

Rank of the Exiled-
Exile Follower (Starter)
Exiled Outcast (15 Humanity)
Exiled Menace (30 Humanity)
Exiled Bandit (60 Humanity)
Exiled Raider (120 Humanity)
Exiled Destroyer (200 Humanity)
Exile of the Thorns (Special Conditions and 250 Humanity)
Standard Equipment:
Thorns Set
Xanthous Set
Notched Whip
Shield of Thorns
Dark Hand
Barbed Straight Sword
Bloodbite Ring
Allowed Spells:
Great Chaos Fireball
Chaos Fire Whip
Chaos Storm
Acid Surge
Fire Surge
Power Within
Iron Flesh
Flash Sweat

Demon Followers:
Demon followers cherish all of Izalith's creations, enough to fight as one of them. Demon followers use demon weapons specifically, and focus
less on their pyromancy. In return, this lets them use powers such as Power Within without much punishment from it. Demon followers are the strength
of the Protectors of Izalith, and as such, focus more on strength than fire, therefore knowledge of such aggressive pyromancies is lost to them,
but knowledge of the inner pyromancies is always on hand. This is their suffering, as the the actual flame is not their power, but the inner
flame is, and as such, aggressive pyromancies cannot be used. Demon followers follow the Demon Firesage, and as such, use his catalyst
to make themselves even more powerful through means of magic weapon, hidden weapon, and magic shield. Demon followers also try to
look intimidating as possible, and as such, are allowed to follow the great dragon in order to become a fearsome being of terror and pain.
Invoking the power of the dragon taps into their inner demon, giving it a form, and a transcendence past life itself. Primary invasion Location is the Demon Ruins.

-Primary Suffering: Only allowed to use Pyromancies produced by Carmina and Demon Weapons.
-Primary Leader: Demon Firesage
-Primary Invasion Location: Demon Ruins
Ranks of the Demon:
Demon Follower (Starter)
Demon Evoker (15 Humanity)
Demon Summoner (30 Humanity)
Demon Spawn (60 Humanity)
Demon Provider (120 Humanity)
Demon Alpha (200 Humanity)
Lord the Chaos Demons (Special Conditions and 250 Humanity)
Standard Equipment:
Dragon Form
Demon Great Machete
Demon's Great Hammer
Demon Greataxe
Standard Pyro Flame +0
Demon's Catalyst
Allowed Spells:
Magic Weapon
Great Magic Weapon
Crystal Magic Weapon
Magic Shield
Great Magic Shield
Hidden Weapon
Iron Flesh
Power Within
Flash Sweat

Izalith Followers:
Some followers wish to bind themselves to all forms of Izalith and practice a purely pyromantic existence. These people, no matter how weak they look,
are a true nightmare. Amongst every follower is a limit in power, some bound to the ways of Carmina, some bound by Quelana, some bound by Chaos,
and even some bound by Eingyi. All of these masters of the flames each lead back to the power of Izalith, in which Izalith Followers bind themselves
to. Izalith Followers are in contract with the flame, causing any form of equipment touched to burn and melt upon contact. This flame is so powerful,
that it controls all known forms of pyromancy. While powerful, they suffer unable to wield weapons, shields, or even touch the ones they love ever again.
However, they do learn the power of old, granting them access to the knowledge of sorcery through use of the Izalith Catalyst. Those who wish to bind
this contract due so in the name of The Fair Lady, the last known Izalithian in existence. As such, the most Elite of the Chaos Servants can be found at
her side, protecting her in all domains. As such, the primary invasion location does not exist, it is all land touched by the wound of Izalith.

-Primary Form of Suffering: Unable to wield weapons and shields, only pyromancy flames.
-Primary Leader: The Fair Lady
-Primary Invasion Location: Anywhere other Paths are allowed to invade.

Ranks of Izalith:
Izalith Follower (Starter)
Izalith Defender (15 Humanity)
Izalith Contractor (30 Humanity)
Izalith Sorcerer (60 Humanity)
Izalith Constructor (120 Humanity)
Izalith Enchanter (200 Humanity)
Resurrector of Izalith (Special Conditions and 250 Humanity)
Standard Equipment:
Ascended Pyro Flame+5 x2
Ash Maiden Set
Orange Charred Ring
Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring
Izalith Catalyst
Allowed Spells:
All Forms of Pyromancy
All Forms of Sorcery

Application Process:
Becoming a Servant of Izalith requires that you prove you are ready to serve. You must be a Chaos Servant+1 and be able to prove it. You must also show your ranking in the servant list, in order to keep track of your total donated humanity better. A picture of your characters stats will do to prove covenant status and your servant list humanity
Leader: Chaos Servant Spectre (X360 GT-Destrond)
Xbox Second in Charge:Chaos Follower Ser Isaac (X360 GT-Ser Isaac)
PSN Leader: Sleeper of the Bed, Wyrm Hero (PSN-WyrmHero1945)
How We'll Invade:
Tolvo Said he would help us out with Cracked Red Eye Orbs, which will most likely help the SL120 members. As for the lower levels, we could use as many donors as possible, so here's the exchange, we give humanity for each cracked red eye orb.
List of Cracked Red Eye Orb Donors:
Tolvo (PSN)
WyrmHero (PSN-Wyrmhero1945)
Priscilla's Lifehunters
Ash Dragon's Cabal
Izalithian Chaos Servant Spectre (X360 GT-Destrond)
Shadow of the East Ser Isaac (X360 GT-Ser Isaac)
Sleeper of the Bed, Wyrm Hero (Psn-WyrmHero1945)
Demon Follower Xaahlxrah (PSN - Mars_Semreh)
Exile Follower Viral Ensign (Unknown Console)
Izalith Follower Kaminari (X360)
Fire Controller JoeBroski09 (PSN)
If anyone has any questions, ask here or PM me.
Still to come:
Rank Rewards
Covenant Events and Challenges
and more!?!

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    • Anonymous

      I love the idea behind player made covenants because I like to use the world of dark souls to head-canon roleplay with my character.

      My first ever dark souls character ended up as a themed pyromancer in the chaos servant covenant. I even had an egg-head. Still like to go back to that character occasionally.

      I'd have loved to join this group, but given that the page was last updated in 2013 and has no mention of consoles newer than the Xbox 360 and PS3... I doubt it'll be possible. Plus I play DS1 on Switch anyway.

      Awesome idea though. Who knows, maybe someday they'll make a comeback?

      Praise the fair lady. Our Spider Waifu deserves all the humanity we can find.

      • Anonymous

        yes hello I am interested in this covenant but see no leaders for the remaster on xbox one is this an area of possible expansion?

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