This build consists of 3 of Havel's Equipment and Throws in a mixture of Heavy and medium armor. The Unstoppable berserker's weapon of choice is the Chaos Greatsword+5 W / 10 Humanity with Havel's Great Shield as a defensive Tool.



- Chaos Great Sword+5 ( with 10 Humanity, The AR is: 736, 341 Physical, 395 Fire Damage. Weighs 2.0 more than the Zweihander but I find it more useful as it does the exact same damage, same reach and the RT / R2 is faster ).

- Free Slot


- Havel's Great Shield+5 ( Best Shield in the game that can't parry, 100% Phys. 90% magic Defense, 80% Fire and Lightning Protection, It's definitely the Heaviest shield in the game weighing 26.0 Units but doesn't bother this build because it's a STR / END build. Also Makes up for the weight by having 84 Stability AND the Special Stone skin Body buff which gives Much more Poise and makes enemies stagger backwards when they hit you, Lasts 40 seconds, Press L2 / LT to trigger it ).
- Free Slot


- Head Choice 1: Giant's Helm +5 ( One of the Pieces of the most powerful Armor in the game, provides 41 Phys. Defense but weighs a lot for a helmet : 6.3, But once again it won't affect this build ).
- Head Choice 2: Mask of the mother ( Superior than the Giant's Helm in most ways other than protection, Adds 15% more HP and weighs 1.2, It's Also superior in how ugly it is >:^O Eww....).
- Armor Choice 1: Eastern Armor +5 ( 69 Physical Defense, Gross. 12.3 units in weight but it has 85.6 Slash Defense, Which is one of the main reasons for this armor ).
- Glove choice 1: Havel's Gauntlets ( 28 poise, 54 physical Defense but weighs 11.5, But still doesn't effect the Equipment Burden that much ).
- Legging choice 1: Smough's Leggings ( 61 Defense and Overall High Elemental Resistances, weighs 10.4 but has Fat Thighs, Ha ha. ).


SL: 120

CLASS: Bandit

-VIT: 40 ( 1325 HP, Most people have 40 VIT ).

-ATT: 8 (0 Slots, No spells needed ).

-END: 65 ( With Havel's Ring, Equipment load is: 157.5, This Allows use of Dark Wood Grain ring + Heavy Armor / Weapons ).

-STR: 50 ( This makes a Black knight Great Axe Very strong, but DON'T use it! It's To easy to Parry and too slow, But instead needed for Havel's Shield ).

-DEX: 10 ( Just invest 1 point For use of the Great Sword ).

-RES: 11 ( Base ).

-INT: 8 ( Base Again ).

-FAI: 10 ( Once again, Base ).

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