Xbox 360 Controls

Xbox 360

  • Left Stick: Player Controls.
  • Right Stick: Camera Controls.
  • D-pad: Select items and equipment.
    • Up: Cycle remembered spells.
    • Down: Cycle equipped items.
    • Left: Swap Left hand weapon.
    • Right: Swap Right hand weapon.
  • Y: Two-hand equipped weapon.
  • A: Action.
  • X: Use selected item. (D-pad; Down)
  • B:
    • Tap B: Backstep.
    • Slide Down Ladder: Stop moving, Tap B
    • Left Stick + Tap B: Roll.
    • Left Stick + Hold B: Run/Dash.
      • While Running + Tap B: Jump.
  • RB: Attack.
    • Forward + RB: Kick.
    • While Running + RB: Running Attack (Swing/ Stab/ Thrust Dependent On weapon equipped).
    • While falling + RB: Takedown.
    • Behind Foe + RB: Backstab (weapon).
  • RT: Heavy Attack.
    • Forward + RT: Jumping Attack.
  • LB: Guard (shield), Attack (weapon, catalyst).
  • LT: Parry (small shield), Bash (large shield), Parry (weapon).
    • After successful Parry: RB to riposte.
  • RS: Target lock/release.
  • On ladder:
    • B: Slide down.
    • RB: Upward punch.
    • RT: Downward kick.
  • Start: Menu.


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      How to crosshair aim with crossbow22 Aug 2016 12:50  

      I'm pressing every button and it will not let me do it even though I've watched a tutorial of someone doing not explaining what buttons he was press ion

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