Treant Gardener is an Enemy in Dark Souls.

Treant Gardener



Treant Gardener

Tall, green coloured fellows with long, lanky limbs, very similar to the Treants in Darkroot Garden. They wear a hat and tattered yellow clothing. They come in two flavours: One wields a pitchfork, the other uses a pair of gardening shears.





  • Stumble Charge
  • Scoopy-scoopy


Attacks (Shears)

  • Snip
  • Snippy-snippy-snippy



Awkward and clumsy monsters, they are not too hard to deal with. First, let's discuss the Pitchfork variety. Their weapon is fairly long, but they're quite slow in using it. Their attacks are fairly typical, with various swings and stabs. If you're a fair distance away, they'll attempt a jumping charge attack, which is easy to avoid and always results in them falling over, opening it up to free hits. Perhaps their most dangerous attacks is one where it scoops the ground with the pitchfork repeatedly, causing rapid, considerable damage. However, as with all their attacks, it is slow and easy to block. Next, the gardening shears variety. Their attacks are the very definition of limited, consisting only of a few snipping attacks. It's rapid-snipping attack will do a lot of damage and may break your guard if you have low stability, so watch out for that. Otherwise, you've little to fear from these homicidal landscapers. Both varieties can be backstabbed.


Location Health Souls Respawn
Royal Woods ?? 200 Yes



    • 21 Nov 2016 01:14  

      once I killed one of them and the its companion started crying, has anybody seen this? I've only seen it once and I haven found any information about it.

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