Low-HP, medium stamina, yet utilizes a very powerful weapon; Velka's rapier+5. This is a "glass cannon" build, this build also has full access to Sorceries due to the fact this build has 50 Intelligence. Power within also is manipulated for enhanced damage. Although Velka's rapier+5 is "split" damage, it does more damage than most rapiers that deal "pure" damage.

  • "Glass cannon" - a build focused on high-damage, yet has lower Vitality compared to others. To reach peak effectiveness, damage-enhancing buffs are stacked; this generally includes Power within and the most common ring for Glass cannon's, the infamous Red Tearstone Ring.

  • "Pure damage" - one damage element in one weapon (physical, fire, magic, lightning), generally deals more damage than split damage.

  • "Split damage" - two damage elements combined in one weapon (physical, fire, magic, lightning), generally deals less damage than pure damage.

- For all builds, there's main elements included, this build stacks two very important buffs (stated above).

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