Faith Caster

Written by: Darkwella

Build by: Zelisius*

*All credit is given to Zelisius. I found it in a forum and I decided to share it with the rest of you. The link is posted at the bottom of the page. There are many other builds in there if you would like to take a look for yourself. Thanks!


  • Cleric (SL: 125)external image Cleric.png


  • VIT 45
  • ATN 34
  • END 30
  • STR 12
  • DEX 16 (Use of Darkmoon Bow from time to time)
  • RES 12
  • INT 8
  • FTH 50



(In THIS order)




  • *This build is all about harassment and finesse.*
  • Maricle order is important!


  • Sunlight Spear is the ultimate version of the spears from warriors of sunlight. It does roughly 1K in damage or more and it actually knocks people on their rears. It also forces the player to dodge and it suckers them in to moving in on you.
  • Once they do that, you unleash force and knock them down. Right after knocking them down, switch to gravelords Greatsword Dance (It's the upgraded sword dance) and unleash that. You can start getting it off BEFORE your enemy starts getting up. Once they do get up, the spell should be firing off. This move also does roughly 1K in damage and sends them flying into the air.
  • Once that happens, you can switch to Wrath of the Gods and Blast them. If you manage to blast them with Wrath of the gods, switch to Emit Force and start firing it, making sure to be standing right over them. By the time they are getting up from Wrath, they will be eating an Emit force to the face.
  • Other nasty tricks is the annoyance of pokin people behind a shield via Estoc, or parrying/Ripo with an Estoc.
  • If you wanna go for an overkill, pull out the Occult Bandits knife and give them some pain in the back as the bandits knife has the highest hitting Critical hit multiplier. Mix that in the the nice B bonus in Faith (Via Occult) ontop of the Hornets ring to boost Critical hits via Ripos/Backstabs and you are looking at alot of One shot kills.

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