Weight is a game mechanic in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered that together with Equip Load is designed to limit the amount of carried equipment.

Armor, Weapons, Catalysts and Talismans have Weight values, while equipped consumable items, ammunition and spells do not. The sum of all equipped Weight values is equal to the current Equip Load.

Items in inventory, that aren't equipped, do not contributed to Equip Load, equipped items in secondary slots, that aren't currently selected, do however.

Weight and Strength

Most - but not all - weapons have following link between their Weight and their Strength requirement:

  • Required Strength = (Weight * 2) + 4

For example the Black Knight Greatsword has a Weight of 14.0 and a required Strength of 32.


  • Weight in Dark Souls is unitless but it has been theorized that 1 unit of Weight would be roughly equal to 0.5 to 1.5 kg (1 to 3 pounds).
  • The heaviest weapon is Smough's Hammer at 28 Weight.
  • The heaviest armor is Havel's Set with both the indiviual pieces aswell as the full set being the respecively heaviest (50 Weight for the full set).
  • This puts the maximum obtainable current Equip Load at 162 (wearing full Havel's and 4 Smough's Hammer).

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