This build relies on 3 methods for combat; Sorceries, Miracles, and melee. The bonus of the equipment used is that the armor has good defense overall and the helmet used (Crown of Dusk), boosts both miracles and sorceries by 20-26%, depending on the spells used.
Main/useful elements used in build:* Crown of Dusk - this helmet increases spell damage by 20%, as stated above; however, it decreases magic defense by 30%.
  • Sanctus+14 - this is a shield, grants a special ability of +2 HP/per 2 sec. this shield is also quite generous in the stability it provides. This is also paired with Replenishment for extended HP regeneration.
  • Replenishment - cast this miracle, and you regenerate +10 HP/per 1 sec. for a minute; by the time it stops, you regenerate 600 HP. Cast this before bowing and cast Crystal Homing Soulmass, generally because if you might get "jumped", then CHS will fire.
  • Moonlight Greatsword+5 - why would I type this here? Because this is your main weapon, that's why! The Moonlight Greatsword is "pure damage", I'll type the definition and meanings beside this. The MLGS+5 also provides +40 magic defense to weaken the Crown's defense penalty.
  • Bellowing Dragoncrest ring - this is possibly the best ring for a mage, it grants +20-26% spell damage. Also does the same with miracles and pyromancies.

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