Divine Ascension in Dark Souls

Divine ascension adds bonus Magic Damage and Divine Auxiliary Effects. It also increase faith_dark_souls.jpgFaith scaling and magic defense of the shields per upgrade level. However, it reduces strength_dark_souls.jpgStrength and/or dexterity_dark_souls.jpgDexterity scaling.

Divine Upgrades are a type of Upgrade in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. They enable players to "Ascend" weapons and shields in a specific path.


Divine Upgrade path and Requirements:

Divine Upgrades for weapon and shield are performed by Andre of Astora at the Undead Parish.

Note that each upgrade level requires a number of soul that varies depending on the weapon.


From 0 to +5

From +5 to +9

From +9 to +10

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    • Anonymous

      Alright so going off of the wiki's info, the weapons with the highest scaling for this upgrade path are the Demon's Greataxe which reaches A scaling, the clklub and large club reach high B and immediatly scale to A once upgraded to occult, and the Short/Long/Broad swords get to a High B and becomes A if Occult is maxed out. The Darksowrd and Sunlight Straight sword are in that same boat as well.

      Looks like the large club is the best option, it can be two-handed at 17 Str, ends up scaling with faith a tad better than almost every weapon in the game, does strike damage for an even easier time killing skeletons, and also just has poison buildup to boot.

      • Anonymous

        mhmmm im thinking about getting a divine club +10 for NG+ for my str-ultra build for Nito, it was a horrible experience doing Nito normal with a large weapon I just get stunlocked out of my animation and poise dont help cuz they cause bleed

        • Anonymous

          Overall the Divine upgrade path offers many practical advantages for PvE.

          The easy accessibility of the divine ember eliminates the need to venture into the depths to acquire the large ember, giving you the option to proceed directly to Anor Londo and acquire the Lord Vessel first.

          Green titanite can be easily purchased at the crestfallen merchant or farmed from slugs at the lower blighttown bonfire, making upgrades very easy.

          The investment in faith will net you a reasonable AR while also making many of the most practical miracles in the game accessible to you, such as healing, homeward, etc. More impressive miracles like Wrath of God can be conveniently purchased en route to Nito, and the Divine effect on your weapon will make the fight substantially easier. The large divine ember is also obtainable en route in this area.

          Not to mention you're a Holy ****ing warrior.

          • Anonymous

            life saver for Nito's fight. I turned the occult club found in anor londo to a divine one and it made the fight a lot easier

            • Anonymous

              Don't bother with this upgrade. At 40 faith, Divine Claymore +10 will give you 186/333 AR, total 519 split AR. Meanwhile, lightning +5 will give you 257/257, total 514, at no stat investment, freeing up 30+ levels to spend on something else.

              The only time this upgrade should be considered is if you already have high faith (40-50) for purpose of casting offensive miracles, and your str/dex are low. While weapons do retain a small degree of str/dex scaling with this infusion, if you go for 40/40 str/dex, you will see much better results uninfused than with any infusion (525 unsplit damage on claymore, blowing this upgrade out of the water).

              Same thing applies to Occult, only their damage is shifted slightly (10 points) between physical and magic.

              • Anonymous

                Is this only good for killing skeletons, or is it good for Faith builds? I wanted to make a heavy Faith build but idk if normal weapons are better

                • Anonymous

                  I recently upgraded my spear to a divine spear and I set off into the catacombs to explore there but the first skeletons I came across didn't stay down when I killed them. Is there something wrong with my spear or do I need to upgrade it more?

                  • Some people say attribute upgrades don't carry to bow or crossbows. This is wrong, I have tested multiple light crossbows of equal phys (including additional) with normal arrows and gotten widley different results with different attributes, I tested every possible attribute with both light crossbows and longbows I wasted plenty of time doing so too. Anyway the point is it is all about the creatures resistance. Sometimes my +10 magic avylin does much more than my +15 avylin, and vise-versa . Importantly divine and occult for bows matter. Divine bows kill skeletons permanently when non divine won't (when the local necromancer is around) this is easily testable for anyone. Use a normal bow, kill it it comes back, don't move, switch to divine, it will not come back and you get your souls.

                    • Anonymous

                      What's the best devine weapon for a dexterity build? Actually I would take the battle axe... Can someone help me?

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