Lloyd's Talisman


Talisman utilized by Allfather Lloyd's cleric knights to hunt down the Undead. Blocks Estus recovery within a limited area.
In the outside world, the Undead are accursed creatures, and Lloyd's cleric knights are widely praised for their Undead hunts.
This blessed talisman blocks Undead recovery, allowing the knights to fight with impunity.

Lloyd's Talisman is a Projectiles in Dark Souls.


Lloyd's Talisman Usage


  • Throw at an enemy to deny Estus recovery.
  • Can also be thrown at Mimic chests, to make them fall asleep and give up treasure. More info can be found here.
  • The visual effect of the Talisman lasts for 25 seconds. The actual effect lasts for approximately the same length.


Lloyd's Talisman Location







Alluring Skull  ♦  Black Firebomb  ♦  Dung Pie  ♦  Firebomb  ♦  Poison Throwing Knife  ♦  Throwing Knife


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    • Anonymous

      can also be thrown at skeletons to deny them standing back up again when killed while effect is active...useless but i like those small details regarding tooltips.

      • Anonymous

        invaded in undead parish, had this thrown at me, other guy spammed black flame, and when I got him low he drinks the flask, kills me and im pointed down on.

        Thanks, fromsoft

        • Anonymous

          When invading I'll toss one at the opponent as they are bowing. It inflicts no damage so I don't consider it bad sportsmanship. If anything it helps ensure a fair fight to the death. What's really funny though is when noobs don't realize the effect and try to cheese in an estus anyways and are bewildered. That's when I consider anything goes and I just backstab or slash away resulting in their demise.

          • Anonymous

            Worth noting that these talismans have an unstated bonus effect. You can throw them at mimics and they fall asleep, allowing you to walk up to and loot them without a fight. If you want to farm for a Symbol of Avarice, buy a bunch of Lloyd's Talismans from the Undead Merchant. Head to a mimic, hit it with a talisman, loot, punch it to wake it up if it didn't offer up the Symbol, repeat!

            • Anonymous

              It should be mentioned that the female undead merchant only sells a limited number of them, while Chester sells an unlimited number. This is important because one is tempted to kill Chester for his armor, resulting in no way to get more Loyd talismans to farm mimics for the symbol of avarice.

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