Soul of Smough

Soul of Smough the Executioner, who guards the cathedral in the forsaken city of Anor Londo.
Special beings have special souls. Use the soul of this eerily gleeful executioner to acquire a huge amount of souls, or to create a unique weapon.

Soul of Smough is a Soul in Dark Souls.



Soul of Smough Usage

  • Smough's Hammer (Ascended from +10 strike weapons)
  • Gives 12,000 souls when consumed.
  • Gives only 1 soul when fed to Frampt.



Soul of Smough Location





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    • Anonymous

      I actually find Smough to be a very intersting topic. Like the giant sludge boss in dark souls 3, smough eats other men. Its possible he is becoming a hideous mass of goop a lot like that boss whoneats gwyndolin. We also know that when you eat others their souls and humanity tend to colace within you (Slimes, rats, etc). Is it possible that Frampt find this soul repungant not because of its origin but because of it's actually a patchwork of souls and humanity? Even dark souls like manus's soul and Artorious's soul net you more from Frampt... but theses souls are more pure despite their corrupted nature.

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