Elite Knight Spearman
SL 85 (Patch 1.05)
PSN: Halle_Berry

external image 19912_dark_souls.jpg

Starting class: Bandit or Cleric with Master Key

SL 85 stats:

Vitality: 40
Attunement: 12
Endurance: 40
Strength: 16 (Silver Knight Spear, Avelyn, and Claymore)
Dexterity: 22 (Silver Knight Spear)
Resistance: 11
Intelligence: 8
Faith: 18 (Tranquil Walk of Peace + Emmit Force)

Miracles: Replenishment + Tranquil Walk of Peace (Force, Heal, Great Heal Excerpt, and Emmit Force for situational use).

Rings: Darkwood Grain Ring + Wolf Ring (or Ring of Favor and Protection, or Hornet Ring)..

Armor: Elite Knight Helmet +10, Elite Knight Armor +10, Silver Knight Gauntlets +5, Silver Knight Leggings +5.

Shields: Crest Shield +5, Dragon Crest Shield +5, Silver Knight Shield +5, Bloodshield +14, Tower Kite Shield +14.

Talisman: Thorolund Talisman

Weapons: Silver Knight Spear, Claymore, Balder Side Sword, Estoc, Rapier, Ricard's Rapier, and Avelyn.

Strategy: This build revolves around using thrusting weapons and keeping the open at medium range. Optimal set up includes Silver Knight Spear and elemental rapier for back up (and backstabs). If you want to take this build to SL 125, take dexterity up to 40 and faith up to 30 in order to use Darkmoon Blade and Sunlight Blade miracles. If you plan on staying at SL 85 make the best use out of Replenishment miracle and Tranquil Walk of Peace. Keeping opponent at range with silver knight spear while using replenishment is a very dangerous combo.

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