Class: Wanderer
SL: 125
A solid choice; as far as I know, any build that includes intelligence, Sorcerer, Wanderer, and Pyromancer's are the strongest choice.
    • It begins with the Wanderer set, a strong choice as it has reliable defenses.
    • The starting weapon is the Scimitar, this has the exact same move-set as the Falchion.

The starting SL for the Wanderer is 3, the ending SL is 125 and has a total soul cost amount of 398,3572. URL: Red Tearstone Rapier (Build)
=====Defensive equipment/spells=====
# Crest Shield+5 > 100% / 80% / 55% / 45% - 66 Stability; shield upgraded via Twinkling titanites.
  1. Homing crystal Soulmass > crystal sorcery that deals individual damage; the orbs are created of magic damage. The HCS' orbs will trigger only when an opponent is within a range of threat.
  2. Mask of the Mother > increased HP boost by 15%.
  3. Dark Wood grain ring > 25% movement speed, as long as your equipment burden is fewer than 50%. The rolling/back-step's animation is altered to a faster and wider version.

Offensive equipment/spells
  1. Velka's rapier+5 > split damage weapon between physical and magic damage. Your main weapon; with Red Tearstone ring activated, you'll do fast yet powerful damage.
  2. Red Tearstone ring > +50% attack when HP is below 20%, the centerpiece within this build.
  3. Tin Crystallization catalyst >

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