User Made Covenants

These are covenants made by Dark Souls players and not within the game. Some of these covenants require you to participate in the forums or meet certain level and equipment requirements. If you're looking to make your game a bit more exciting or love the idea of role playing check some of these covenants out.

The Darkmoon Knights - Working for the lord Gwyndolin we shall cleanse Lordran of the evil sinners!

Renegade Brigade - (Recruiting/WIP) No longer shall ye be held back by the honor of others, join us, and realize your full potential! (Contact Sakurabon on XBL until forums are up)

The Balder Brigade - (Still recruiting) Bravery Ahead! Fight the good cause for those few left to stand for the proud lands of Balder! (Last updated 16th November 2013)

The Noble Knights - Disbanded

Assassins of Vinheim- A covenant focused on stealthy assassination and the use of sorcery.

Darkness and Sunlight (Under construction)- A Covenant based on the faculty of the Hunt. Deriving on the Premise of communication, the usage of tactics in which the Hunters use is mostly based upon their rank and status of being.

Nightwatch- A covenant dedicated to helping players in the game and through the forums providing assistance over a very wide range of levels.

The Core(Disbanded)-A Covenant with a sole purpose to restore order to Lordran and keep the realms from collapsing by keeping chaos at bay.

- Disbanded

- United in our shared exile we are one! Formally Priscilla's Lifehunters.

Protectors of Lord Gwyn P.O.L.G. - Disbanded

Sentinels from the East - (need members) focused on invading all areas in order to take Lordran over for the East

The Gravesworn - Disbanded

The Followers of Izalith - (Recruiting) We shall fight until the day Izalith is brought back from its suffering. Until then, we shall suffer to bring back its glory.

The Brotherhood of the Blade - Disbanded

Knights of the Abyss- (Recruiting) A covenant with the sole intention of taking Lordran by force, often referred to as Lordran's Poltergeists as they wield the aincent sorcery of oolacile to toy with the heads of their enemies, before using brute force to cut them down. Official Website preview up now -

Lordran's Deliverance - Attempting to revive. Recruiting and rebuilding.

Guardians of Anastacia - (Recruiting) Protectors of Anastacia, we will fight together to keep our land safe. Anastacia will not be forgotten, and the Firelink Shrine will never go out. We are comrades. We are soldiers. We are Guardians.

The Darkstalkers - (Recruiting) Your humanity is ours, you just don't know it yet.

- (Recruiting) Artorias and his knights will protect Oolacile or die try!

Man Hunters-(Recruiting) those who seek vengeance upon those that prey on man. Recruits should seek out assasinninja427 on Xbox live

Astora's Finest (Free join) - Invading in Pontiff and Irithyll. Use the Armor of the Sun set (doesn't matter if you use the helmet). Make sure to use the Warriors of Sunlight covenant to give yourself that shiny incandescent glow, and have "Astoras" in your name. Always remember... praise the Sun! Founder is Mister Mackerel if you want to talk about the covenant, visit here 

God of War - We serve Ares, the God of War. If interested, contact Warsaint0299, or Sothe14 on xbox live. More information will be given on contact, we're looking for roles of our teams to be filled in.

Dark Assassin's: we are dedicated to killing pure and simple. If you wish to join then contact Mr melo muncher on Xbox.

The Forsaken Knights: A knight of the Forsaken gods weather it be Velka goddess of sin and mother of the Forlorn, Manus father of the abyss, or Priscilla child of dragons. May you slay those who have Forsaken or Forgotten them. Must put "Forsaken" in character name.  Etiquette (Kill unless given a soul item equal to or greater than "Soul of a Proud Paladin" as an offering to your god then return home or assist until death) Console (PS4) -But expanding [Founder is KillingJoke6574] AKA Clouse

The Spellblade Order (Recruiting/WIP)- An order of warriors formed to help or hinder any and all ash who wish to link the flame. This order of warriors however is unique in the fact that they will dual wield weapons with they main hand being your average type of weapon and the offhand being a weapon catalyst hybrid. (For details, email questions to Salokcin1 at gmail, subject must contain "Spellblade Recruitment")

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