Havel's Set

icon_prot_phy.png 236 Poise Resistence 121
Strike Protection 200.6 Bleed Resistence 117
Slash Protection 271.4 Poison Resistence 25
Thrust Protection 236 Curse Resistence 57
Magic Protection 142 Durability 900
Fire Protection 140 Weight 50
Lightning Protection 125    

Havel's Set is an Armor Set in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.


Havel's Set Information

Apparel worn by Havel the Rock's warriors. Carved from solid rock, its tremendous weight is matched only by the defense it provides.
Havel's Warriors never flinched nor retreated from battle. Those unfortunate enough to face them were inevitably beaten to a pulp.



  • This set of armor is located in Anor Londo, in the basement of the main building leading to Gwynevere. On the base floor, there is an illusory wall in a fire place that may be struck and opened, leading to the basement. You'll find several chests in the basement, one containing Havel's full set of armor, and one being a Mimic chest
  • Video Location Timestamp 15:37



  • Has the highest poise of any armor set in the game
  • While its high poise and exceptional defenses make it appealing, its extreme weight means it'll likely bring a player's equip weight down to heavy unless they have extremely high endurance.
    • A common strategy is to equip individual pieces of the set (i.e. gauntlets or helmet) on top of lighter armor in order to boost one's poise.
  • Cannot be upgraded.
  • Each armor piece of this set reduces Stamina recovery by 1 per second (chest by 2) for a total of 5 for the full set.





Havel' Set Table

 Name & Icon icon_prot_phy.png icon_prot_magi.png icon_prot_fire.png icon_prot_lightn.png icon_res_poise.png icon_res_bleed.png icon_res_poison.png icon_res_curse.png
Havel's Helm
900 7.5 36 30.6 41.4 36 22 22 18 18 18 4 9
Havel's Armor
900 19.5 92 78.2 105.8 92 56 54 49 47 45 11 22
Havel's Gauntlets
900 11.5 54 45.9 62.1 54 32 32 29 28 27 5 13
Havel's Leggings
900 11.5 54 45.9 62.1 54 32 32 29 28 27 5 13
Total 900 50.0 236 200.6 271.4 236 142 140 125 121 117 25 57


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    • Anonymous

      24 Jun 2020 00:41  

      just wear giants set. It's has less poise but it's still such a high amount that you can poise through nearly every attack in the game.It also weighs far less and has the highest defense in the game when fully upgraded. still a good set for poising certain bosses like Four Kings and Artorias but wouldn't recommend for fighting most enemies and bosses.

      • Anonymous

        27 Jan 2020 16:42  

        Why would you even wear this? It weighs more than and had less defense in almost every stat than a fully upgraded set of black iron. It had a bit better poise, but not needing to dedicate both ring slots to not fat rolling means you can use the wolf ring for more poise anyway. God this armor is not worth it. Tarkus for life

        • Anonymous

          22 Sep 2019 17:06  

          I used amor and leggins with havel's ring and edurance of 30. That was the only thing That allow me to defeat the amor londo's Duo

          • Anonymous

            15 Jul 2019 04:08  

            I just put on Havel's ring, and the ring of favor and protection and i'm not that slow, but my endurance is about 40.

            • Anonymous

              20 Jun 2019 21:01  

              You can still wear this set without fat-rolling if you equip Havel's Ring and have a reasonable amount of Endurance.

              • Anonymous

                07 Jun 2019 17:37  

                With this armour set and swinging an ultra greatsword, only 3 things in the game are capable of breaking your poise... Dogs, rats, and hollows with torches... Yet you can poise through a building sized hydra slamming its head down on you

                • Anonymous

                  07 Apr 2019 05:49  

                  Actually pretty good. Havel’s set, black knight great sword, grass crest shield and mask of child is basically a ripoff giant dad

                  • Anonymous

                    08 Mar 2019 17:31  

                    I had always through that dark souls was a game of skill, in which you'd rather be fast rolling and learn to d'orge. Then I equiped the full havel set ... I just had to stand, wield my weapon with two hands, and press R1. I beat the 4 kings without dodging or blocking usine only 3 estus.

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