These are the covenants whose goal is to defeat other players online in combat, typically through the use of their unique multiplayer items. A hostile player in these covenants will have a variety of tools to assist them in this task, though they are by no means required to use them. That said, players in these covenants are not prohibited from helping other players (such as through the white sign soapstone), and indeed may prove particularly dangerous to more hostile invaders by turning their own tools against them.

darkwraith iconDarkwraith

Players in this covenant:

  • Will steal more humanity from other players when they use the Dark Hand's special attack. The amount of humanity stolen increases with the covenant rank.

By far the most popular player-versus-player covenant, and also the most difficult to join. Prospective Darkwraiths must defeat the Four Kings before placing the Lordvessel at the Kiln of the First Flame. Those who succeed will find the NPC Darkstalker Kaathe, who offers to teach them the Art of Lifedrain. This covenant's unique multiplayer item is the Red Eye Orb (awarded at rank +1), which acts as an infinite-use Cracked Red Eye Orb. The Red Eye Orb can only be used by members of the Darkwraith covenant. It does not have any covenant-restricted equipment or spells, but a Dark Hand is given to the player upon joining and the Dark Armor set and a Darksword are given to players who attain the +2 rank. Players may offer Humanity to Kaathe to raise their covenant rank.
Note that the Red Eye Orb, Cracked Red Eye Orb, and Red Sign Soapstone do not have an upper invasion cap, meaning members of this covenant risk invading players far over their level, up to the maximum level of 713.
Attacking Kaathe until he leaves will break this covenant.

forest hunter iconForest Hunter

Players in this covenant:

  • Will not be invaded by other Forest Hunter members in Darkroot and will not be attacked by the otherwise hostile NPCs there.

Members of this covenant swear allegiance to Alvina in the Darkroot Forest, who will then summon them to slay other players who stray too close to the grave of Artorias. The covenant member is awarded souls and Titanite for each player defeated in this way, and will receive awards from Alvina herself after the first and third such victories. This covenant's multiplayer item is the Cat Covenant ring, which the player can wear to be summoned by Alvina to invade another player in her domain as a blue Dark Spirit, but only if they are in the Forest Hunter covenant. Up to two Forest Hunter members can invade a player simultaneously in this fashion. This covenant does not have any covenant-restricted items or spells, but it does have a covenant-restricted merchant: members can buy weapons from Shiva of the East after he moves to lower Blighttown, but only for as long as they remain in the covenant. Players gain covenant ranks by being summoned by Alvina and defeating forest trespassers, but nothing is gained for it. Instead, Alvina will award the player with a Divine Blessing after their first successful kill and a Ring of Fog after their third.
Just like with the Darkwraith covenant, the Cat Covenant ring does not have an upper invasion limit, so players in this covenant run the risk of invading someone far above their own level.
Attacking the NPCs in Darkroot Forest at any time after joining this covenant will break it. If the covenant is broken, the remaining NPCs will turn hostile and the player is subject to Forest Hunter invasions once more. In addition, the Forest Hunter covenant is unique in that the player cannot re-join it if the covenant is broken until they have absolved their sins with Oswald of Carim. Attacking another player who is in the Forest Hunter covenant will not break the covenant.

path of the dragon iconPath of the Dragon

Players in this covenant:

Members of this covenant swear allegiance to the Stone Dragon in Ash Lake, one of the few remaining Everlasting Dragons, and offer it Dragon Scales so that they may one day become dragons themselves. The covenant's unique multiplayer item is the Dragon Eye, which places a distinctive invasion sign that other players can interact with to allow the dragon covenant member to invade their world. Only players who are human but do not already have another player in their world (be it a summon or invader) can see or use the dragon sign, making it a guaranteed one-on-one duel. The player who wins the duel is awarded a Dragon Scale and some souls. It does not have any covenant-restricted equipment or spells, but players who join the covenant are given the Dragon Head Stone, and members who reach rank +2 are given the Dragon Torso Stone. The player does not need to be in the covenant to use these items, but their effectiveness increases with their Path of the Dragon Covenant rank. Members of this covenant can increase their covenant rank by offering Dragon Scales to the Stone Dragon in Ash Lake.
Because this covenant is rarely used, there are a few false rumors surrounding it. To wit: the rumor that Path of the Dragon covenant members can only invade and duel other Path of the Dragon covenant members is false; the rumor that Path of the Dragon covenant members can only invade players who own or are carrying a Dragon Scale, while implied in the Dragon Scale and Dragon Eye descriptions, is false; and the rumor that players will lose a Dragon Scale if defeated by a Path of the Dragon covenant member is false.
There is no known way to break this covenant except by abandoning it. Even attacking the Stone Dragon will not have any negative effects, as the Stone Dragon is immortal and thus impossible to kill.

blade of the dark moon iconBlade of the Dark Moon

Players in this covenant:

  • Have exclusive use of the Darkmoon Blade miracle, which is by far the strongest weapon buff in the game.

By forming a covenant with the Dark Sun Gwyndolin, players who join this covenant can invade indicted players and punish them for their sins (by killing them). This covenant has two unique multiplayer items: the Blue Eye Orb and the Darkmoon Blade Covenant ring. Darkmoon covenant members who invade players with these items and defeat them are awarded a Souvenir of Reprisal, which can be offered to Gwyndolin to increase their covenant rank. Members of this covenant have exclusive use of the Darkmoon Blade miracle, which is a very powerful weapon buff that becomes more powerful as the player increases their covenant rank. Players who reach rank +2 in the Darkmoon covenant are given the Darkmoon Talisman, which is the most powerful talisman when used by characters with more than 40 faith.
Attacking the illusion of Gwynevere or crossing the fog barrier into Gwyn's tomb will break this covenant. Players who have killed Gwynevere will be invaded by other Darkmoon players who are wearing the Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring.

gravelord servant iconGravelord Servant

Players in this covenant:

  • Have exclusive use of the Eye of Death multiplayer items, which can be used to dramatically increase the difficulty of another player's game (see above).

  • Gain access early in the game to the Gravelord Sword (weapon), which is strong enough on its own to carry them through the game.

Players who ally themselves with Gravelord Nito become Gravelord Servants, who are notorious for their ability to curse other players' worlds and spread misery. Players cursed in this fashion may find their world populated by powerful monsters, and must find and defeat the Gravelord Servant to remove them. Gravelord Servants have exclusive use of the Eye of Death multiplayer item, which is used to curse other worlds. This covenant does not have any exclusive equipment or spells, but players who join the covenant are given the Gravelord Sword (weapon) and Gravelord Sword Dance (miracle), the latter of which becomes more powerful as the member's covenant rank is increased. Players who reach the +1 rank are given the Gravelord Greatsword Dance miracle, which is a more powerful version of the Gravelord Sword Dance and also deals more damage as the covenant rank is increased. Covenant rank is increased by offering Eyes of Death to Gravelord Nito.
Since Eyes of Death give very little feedback when they are used, it can be hard to figure out how they work, or if they are even working at all. In order to use an Eye of Death, the player must be a Gravelord Servant, be in human form, and be in an area where the boss is still alive. When an Eye of Death is used, a black mist emanates from the Gravelord Servant and a special Gravelord Sign will appear in other players worlds relative to where the Gravelord Servant is standing. This sign will follow the Gravelord Servant as he or she moves around, updating about every 10 seconds. As such, it would benefit the Gravelord Servant most to stand in a high-traffic area while waiting for invaders. Other players who find the Gravelord sign can use it to invade the Gravelord Servant as a blue Spirit of Vengeance and attempt to kill him or her. Up to three players can invade the Gravelord Servant at once in this manner. Additionally, if a player who has a Gravelord sign in their world is in NG+ or higher, that area of the game will be populated by extra "black phantom" enemies, which are more powerful version of the local monsters.
This covenant is not broken if the player defeats Nito, but they will be unable to gain further ranks until the next NG+ cycle.

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