Guide to building a Magic User

Pick the Sorcerer with the Master Key as your gift.

Once you land in Lordran you should have 2,000+ souls (thanks to the Asylum Demon) to allow you to level up a bit. Put 2 points into INT straight away to up your attack power.

With a bit of gentle grinding in the Undead Burg (prior to the Taurus Demon) you should get enough souls together to level to about SL12. If you are comfortable with the game you should be able to put all of these into INT (giving you an INT of 24), if not maybe beef up your VIT and/or END first.

1. Getting a Magic Weapon

Get a Longsword/ Shortsword/ Battle Axe (whichever suits your style better, although the Longsword works out best for upgrades in the long run but at this stage it’s probably best to suit yourself) which you should have gotten from one of the Undead Soldiers in the Undead Burg. If you opt for the Long Sword you'll need to up your STR by 1 and by 3 if you choose the Battle Axe.

Buy a Heater Shield from the Undead Merchant in the Undead Burg. This gives 100% physical protection which is essential.

Defeat the Taurus Demon and continue onto Undead Parish. With the souls you amass here get Blacksmith Andre to upgrade your weapon to +5 using the Titanite Shards he sells (the Undead Knights also drop these occasionally)

Head to the New Londo Ruins and purchase an additional Soul Arrow from Rickert. Open the gate to the Valley of Drakes (with the Master Key) and continue across the bridge and into the cave opposite. Run past the 3 club-wielding enemies and descend several ladders. On the lowest level you’ll find a chest containing the Crimson Set of armour (this is a great set of armour for Magic Builds). Equip it all bar the gloves.

This awful place is Blighttown. Keep going left (face the front of the chest which gave you the Crimson Set, left from there) until you come to a waterwheel. Jump onto a moving platform and descend to the ramp and jump off. Follow the land left and you’ll come to a tunnel on your left with a bonfire. Rest here then carry on, fighting past many more wasps and fire-breathing creatures, keeping to the left until you see a large tree trunk. You’ll find some Giant Leeches there, kill them and continue on around to the left where you will find a whole cave full of leeches. These enemies drop Green Titanite Shards (as well as Large Titanite Shards) which are essential to upgrading Magic Weapons. Here you will need to farm them until you have 10 green shards (when they drop green ones they drop 5 at a time so 2 drops is all you need).

Return to the New Londo Ruins by going up the waterwheel and all the ladders again. Get Rickert to upgrade your weapon of choice with the Green Titanite to become a Magic weapon. This scales with your INT stat so every time you increase it you will not only be increasing your spell power but your melee ability too. You should have enough souls and titanite to create a +5 Magic weapon. Buy Heavy Soul Arrow for 4,000 souls if you have them.

2. Getting some spells

Return to the Undead Burg and continue on to the Undead Parish.
At the top of the church you will find a knight in golden armour ( Lautrec of Carim), free him (with the Mystery Key) then kill him as the ring he drops ( Ring of Favour and Protection) is essential.
After some levelling here you should look something like this around SL25.
Make sure you activate the elevator to the left of the altar as you face it. Just step inside and roll out really fast, in order to activate it without having to do a double trip.

Near the lever that opens the portcullis outside the church you should find the Basement Key. With this return to the bridge with the dragon and on the far side there will be a door you can open (on the left). This brings you down to the lower section of the Undead Burg. The path up leads to a shortcut back to the main Undead Burg – use this to go to the Undead Merchant  and buy the Residence Key.

Return to your shortcut and the path down leads to a town square with a bonfire in it. Kill the 3 dogs then go to the right and the right again (facing the opposite direction to which you came in). One of the doors will open with the Residence Key (you’ll hear someone crying for help behind it). Roll through the barrels protecting the prisoner to free him.

Go back to Firelink Shrine and Griggs of Vinheim (the freed prisoner) will now appear there. He sells some more potent spells. You should be aiming to get Great Soul Arrow and Great Heavy Soul Arrow.

3. Getting even better spells

Return to the church and fight the Bell Gargoyles on the roof and ring the bell. Next you will need to kill Quelaag to ring the other bell. She can be found back in the swamp of Blighttown. Return there via the gate in New Londo Ruins and the bridge across the Valley of Drakes.

From the bonfire at the side of the swamp head straight across the swamp via the small islands to avoid poisoning. When across head right hugging the left hand wall. You’ll come to an incline covered in webs. Head up there and you will see an opening (be wary of rousing the 3 Infected Barbarians to the right) continue inside to find Quelaag. Having killed Quelaag ring the bell behind her which will open up Sen’s Fortress.

You should have a few spare souls to level up and should be aiming to look something like this at around SL35.

Return to Firelink Shrine, take the elevator to the Undead Parish and when you come out go straight through the door ahead and continue straight until you get to the outbuilding with Andre the blacksmith downstairs. Rest and go out along the path beside the bonfire to get to Sen’s Fortress.

(Whilst in Sen’s Fortress you should pick up the Covetous Gold Serpent ring. When you arrive at the second door with a boulder rolling past (just after the arrow trap that shoots from behind), allow 5-6 boulders to go past, then ascend the stairs and redirect the boulders to fall into open space. Once that is down descend to the bottom of the stairs you came up from (careful of the serpent mage). At the end of the stairs will be a pit that should now be full of boulders, and a hole on the opposite wall. Beyond is a room with the ring which greatly increases your Item Discovery.)

You will eventually get to a room where the boulders are coming in from the roof – use the turntable to change the direction of the boulders once anti-clockwise. Wait until one boulder has gone down and change it again as you will be following the path the boulder just went down. When you get to the bottom you will see a new hole in the wall, go through and you will see some hanging cages. In one is Big Hat Logan in another a Soul of a Hero (which gives you 10,000 souls). Both can be opened with the Master Key.

Once freed Logan appears back at the Firelink Shrine. Go there and purchase the Homing Soul Mass. This is an excellent spell against most bosses. You should try to get your INT up to 36 asap so you can use the Soul Spear he sells.

4. The Crown of Dusk

By now you should also be more than powerful enough to take on Havel who is located behind the locked door in the tower that leads to the Taurus Demon. He drops Havel’s Ring which greatly increases your Equip Burden letting you wear heavy armour. Also he is guarding a shortcut to the Darkroot Basin which contains as essential item for all magic builds – the Crown of Dusk. To get this go out the door behind Havel and to the left you will see a 7 headed sea serpent known as the Hydra. This can be a perplexing battle for a magic build as range attacks are pretty useless (as they target the body rather than the heads of the Hydra). The only solution is to get in close to force it to use its heads in a lunge attack which can be dodged leaving the beached head open to melee attacks.

Once the Hydra is defeated quit and reload the game. Continue around the left hand side of the lake and you will encounter a Golden Crystal Golem. Defeating him releases Dusk of Oolacile. Having talked to her and said “Yes” go back to the front of the lake where you fought the Hydra and next to a boulder will be her summon sign. You need to summon her once before continuing. Now go to the back of the lake where you first found the Golden Crystal Golem where you will find her belongings suddenly have appeared including the Crown of Dusk which provides 20% extra damage to spells.

Also this will allow you to summon Dusk on the near shore of the lake where she sells some support spells. Of which Cast Light  is essential for the Tomb of Giants and Repair can come in very handy also. The other spells are probably only useful in PVP.

5. Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring

Now you are a fairly battle ready magic user it may be a good time to explore some areas you may have missed like lower Undead Burg (where you rescued Griggs), The Depths (Once you kill the Capra Demon in Undead Burg) and Darkroot Garden (out past Andre the blacksmith) and get some souls together.

Using these souls I would recommend buying the Crest of Artorias first. This opens up the sealed entrance in the Darkroot Garden which leads to an area which is great for soul farming. Before entering the door destroy the wall to the left of the entrance to reveal a bonfire, rest here before going through. Inside you will be attacked by various bandits who are worth a sizeable amount of souls. They respawn so keep returning to the bonfire nearby and you should be able to pick up 7,000+ souls per foray beyond the door.

When you breach 20,000 souls return to the Firelink Shrine to purchase the Bellowing Dragoncrest ring which provides 20% extra damage to spells. Coupled with the Crown of Dusk you can do some serious damage.
You should be aiming to look something like this about SL45

6. Further Improvements
Go back to the Asylum (using the instructions here) to get the Crest Shield. This has very high Magic Defence and you'll need it as both the Crown of Dusk and the Bellowing Dragon Crest Ring significantly reduce your Magic Defence.
Returning to the Darkroot Garden, go through the door and keep going left through the small stone building, down some stairs and into another wooded area. Attack one of the small Mushroom Men and they will flee leading you to 3 larger Mushroom Men who can be tough opponents if underestimated. Defeat these and in the pool of water there is a chest with the Enchanted Ember  in it. Rickert in the New Londo Ruins can use this to make an enchanted weapon. However you will need Blue Titanite for this which is quite rare. There is some in the Great Hollow if you wish to explore there but the only farmable sources are Crystal Golems just before the Hydra boss in Darkroot Garden and Blue Crystal Golems in the Duke’s Archive.

To get there you will need to have defeated the boss in Sen’s Fortress, gone on to Anor Londo and defeated the bosses there too. Speaking to Gwynevere and receiving the Lord Vessel opens up several previously locked areas, including the Duke’s Archive.

Using the Lord Vessel at the bonfire warp to the Anor Londo bonfire. From here go left and continue on up the path beyond the guard building to find the Duke’s Archive. Here you will eventually find Big Hat Logan imprisoned (again!). You will eventually find the Archive Tower Giant Cell Key to release him after moving one of the bookcases with a lever. Upon releasing him quit and reload the game and you will find him in one of the library rooms behind the bookcase you moved. Here he will sell you crystal enhanced spells of which the Crystal Homing Soul Mass is essential.

In the other library room you will find a level which lowers some stairs. This will lead you out into a garden area full of Blue Crystal Golems who drop Blue Titanite Chunks. Equip the Covetous Gold Serpent ring to improve the drop rate and farm away (returning to the bonfire up the stairs to make them respawn) until you have 10.

To get a Blue Titanite Slab you will need to go out of the garden into the Crystal Cave. Keep following the path until it appears you come to a dead end. You will see snowflake-like crystals falling and landing on an invisible walkway, follow this across to terra firma and fight the Blue Crystal Golem there. Continue on left along this crystal land mass and you will begin sliding, when you stop you will be able to see another invisible walkway. Drop down onto this and immediately turn around to see a cave with 2 Crystal Lizards inside. Continue out the other side of the cave and you will find an infuriatingly twisty invisible walkway. Take it slowly here and look out for the snowflakes. At the end is the Blue Titanite Slab.

Continue on through the Crystal Caves to find the boss Seath the Scaleless. If you destroy the tip of his tail he will drop the Moonlight Greatsword which scales with INT and is worth considering for any magic build (it does require 16 STR to wield though). I’d strongly recommend summoning some allies if you wish to get the sword as you will need the distraction to get at the tail.

With the boss dead return to Logan. Buy everything he sells. When he has no more to sell he will start gibbering on and get angry with you. Quit and reload the game and he will have vanished but has left his robes and catalyst behind in a chest. His Sage Robe offers excellent lightweight protection at +5 (level up using Twinkling Titanite)

To get the most from Logan’s Catalyst (and its S INT scaling) you will need a INT stat of 41+ (NB beyond INT of 45 you will begin to see diminishing returns see table here for more details).

Return to Rickert to enhance your weapon.

At around SL 50 you should look something like this.
With those stats and your current arsenal the rest of the game should be quite manageable.

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    • Anonymous

      18 Aug 2021 16:40  

      I don't understand why we go to Blighttown for large titanite whilst we don't have any anti-poison mosses, no ring which reduces the poison damage, and no shadow set which has the best poison resistance.
      It's a freaking waste of time and we put ourselves in danger for nothing. According to the guide we don't even go to the bonfire of lower Blighttown to attune our spells (Soul spear x2) or not even in Firelink Shrine to attune them.
      It's clearly a waste of time and energy. I don't understand how this guide has been approved by the Fextralife team.

      • Anonymous

        17 Jul 2021 13:03  

        I followed this Guide, but took some liberties in term of leveling VIT and END to 30/40. I was steam rolling most of the bosses, since the sorceries at INT 45 are ridiculously overpowered.

        • Anonymous

          09 Apr 2021 22:55  


          • Anonymous

            16 Mar 2021 23:17  

            I'm using a +5 magic longsword from as early as I've managed to grab it (master key start > run through blight town and take elevator down > kill low hp leeches for 10 green shards > upgrade with the magic man behind bars in the elevator down from 1st bonfire). I think I picked up a longsword somewhere in undead burg very early, but any weapon you can swing works.

            It.. does the job. I got all the way to dukes archive with it, and now it's unable to kill Seath (hits for 46 on both seath and crystal golems). Using magic where I'm at suuuucks, and I can only hope crystal soul mass helps since regular soul mass and great soul arrow don't cut it. I am at a loss what weapon I should pursue for 16str 10dex that won't do peanuts for damage against magic resistant monsters.

            • Anonymous

              05 Jan 2021 02:30  

              This guide sucks, don't follow it. You can get an overpowered sorcerer without doing **** like killing Lautrec on first sight. It needs to be killed in Anor Londo by invasion. And it's not the only bullshit in this guide

              • Anonymous

                02 Dec 2020 13:17  

                one thing to add: after you get Logan to leave his staff and robes in the room, go back to the very first room you encounter Seath in at the beginning of Duke' s Archives (fastest way is to warp back to Anor Londo bonfire, run past enemies in the first room of Duke's and take the elevator back up). You will find Logan has gone hollow, wearing only his hat and wielding the Tin Crystallization catalyst. Kill him for those items and take the Large Magic Ember from the chest in the room. You will also get the White Dragon Breath spell upon killing him. The Tin Crystallization Catalyst has a huge MagAdjust but halves the number of casts. In low-meta PvP you can easily one-shot with Crystal spells and it is extremely useful for bosses.

                • Anonymous

                  30 Nov 2020 03:03  

                  Also , farming for Blue Titanite chunks in the Duke's Archives is no joke as most of the Crystal Golems have incredible resistance to magic . I would appreciate it if you would edit this page and provide an alternative way of killing the Golems for Chunks other than using spells . Otherwise great guide .
                  This should not put off players willing to try a magic build as it pays off in the late game .

                  • Anonymous

                    07 Nov 2020 00:53  

                    Followed this guide to the letter and my Sorcerer is overpowered as hell . My major gripes with this guide is farming the Blue Titanite Chunks, which is no easy task to do in Duke's Archives from Crystal Golems as their drop rate is way too low even with the Covetous Gold Serpent ring (0 liquid humanity and hollow) .
                    The other is the stupidly ridiculous tail cut you have to achieve with Seath The Scaleless with a weapon like Enchanted Longsword+5 . Somehow managed to pull it off with a single , well-aimed shot at his taill with Crystal Soul Spear , and then finishing it off with a strike or two with my Longsword .
                    Yeah , I do not recommend this guide for a beginner starting off with a Sorcerer . Nevertheless , great guide . Appreciate he amount of work and effort put into this .

                    • Anonymous

                      20 Jun 2020 15:06  

                      This looks very very time wasting. 1. get extra soul arrow and heavy version of it from the guy right under the first bonfire after tutorial. 2. get 100% block okay stability shield from guarded by the undead dragon. 3. go to the forest, kill hydra, and get staff of oolacle or just cut to step 4 if youre not new. 4. now you can get to red dragon in the starting zone and one-shot cut his tail with heavy soul arrow get 16 str to wear the drake sword (200) damage flat. youll need it for MGS later and as i would suggest zweihander. 5. with 16 str you can wield zweihander in 2h, which you should make into divine. this will allow 1shoting otherwise immortal skellies with light attacks if upgraded (otherwise heavy). and is super decent weapon. you can continue with that until you get MGS

                      • Anonymous

                        25 Feb 2020 01:51  

                        I finished Dark Souls 2 and 3 but damn... First game is really an another level. I couldn't make any real progress while playing blind. Thanks for the guide.

                        • Anonymous

                          03 Feb 2020 13:38  

                          :: IMPORTANT IF YOU FALLOW THE WIKI GUIDE YOUR FIRE KEEPER WILL DIE AS SOON AS YOU GO DOWN BLIGHT TOWN :: that said it is a good guide choose the master master key after asylum spend all souls on int, kill one hollow to get 3 into int 1. head down to new londo pick up all items, dont cross the wooden bridge (you can buy spells from the merchant here or after any other step, but before step 7.) 2. get soul from the sleeping dragon (dont grab the other items) red tearstone ring from valley of the drakes 2a. get spider shield if you can 3. keep running or return to VoD and run past the second drake then to his right (the broken tower) get on the elevator, go up, light the bonfire, kill the black knight and get the grass crest shield 4. head to andre from here and light his bonfire, spend all your souls on int (or vit if you feel to squishy) 5. go to undead parish and kill all the mobs leading up to the gargoyles, free lautrec from his cell, then open the short cut to fire link 6. spend all souls on int (or again vit if you want to) if you want FaP ring kick lautrec off the edge (this is good for beginner mages, more seasoned players i would say take the tearstone instead) 7. head back up to undead parish, go right out the elevator kill the baulder knights get the key for capra deamon, from here you can kill the pig, and adds, or come back, if you do kill the pig go down to the rats kill them, kill hollows and open short cut from berg bonfire. 8. undead berg bonfire, kill the archer, go down the stairs kill the 2 spear guys, smash boxes and go down stairs, there is a hollow behind the book case, on the balcony is a merchant, buy at least 30 fire bombs, the short bow and the key he sells for 1000 souls (you MUST get these items) 9. back to bonfire, spend any excess souls, go up the ladder, up the stairs onto the bridge and when you get a window run in the opposite direction to the dragon, unlock the door to your left, go down the ladder, up the stairs to your right and unlock the short cut (this takes you to the previous bonfire) 9a. if you want to be really cheesey here you can use the dragon to farm up a few souls , i think it gives around 400/500 each time it kills the hollows on the bridge 10. go back down to the short cut area you just unlocked you will get rushed by some dogs, just roll back when they attack then soul arrow them, by now you should be 1 shotting them, after killing the dogs turn go down to the well, and turn 180 on yourself, there is normally a orange message infront of the doors but there is a sorcerer in there, free turn 180 again and run that was, at certain intervals doors will open with enemies behind them, just back off and snipe them (baiting attacks on these guys is easy, just dont get back stabbed), you must clear out all the enemies in this area before the fog wall. 11. this bit is hard to explain but equid the short bow and stand next to the arch way before the boss fog (the door way looking bit on the bridge), stand facing the wall, aim with the short bow and side step 3 times (just creep to the right) aim at the battlements (you want the gap of the 3rd and 4th turret in the centre of your cross-hair) now throw 5-6 fire bombs re position and keep doing this till capra deamon is dead (cheesy i know but hes a pointless boss anyway) , once he is dead be on guard as he has 2 dogs in his boss room. 12. once you have killed the capra doggos take the right path that was before his fog gate, there are 2 thief hollows down here, kill them, run all the way to the end and pick up the soul item, turn around go up the stairs , keeping going up (you can ignore the archer) run into the tunnel area, and boom you have another short cut back to firelink shrine (there is a merchant here buy at least 6 homeward bones), go there and you should have 20k souls, talk to the sorcerer you have just released and buy the ring that increases spell damage. and boom you are now stupidly powerful........ after this i would say go to blight town, get the robes and falchion (you will need 13 dex for that, but its a fantastic weapon.....r1 spam for days) if you feel confident go down the great hollow kill the lizards (look at a youtube video for these) i did miss out the fire keeper souls you can have +3 estus before any bosses are killed 1. undead parish, on the alter before the lift short cut 2. new londo, over the wooden bridge, head to the right, turn back on yourself there is a narrow bridge in the water, run over that, grab the item and then.....die 3, blight town short cut just before the lift platform, again its a mad dash and you will die i would look at youtube for these runs.

                          • Anonymous

                            29 Jul 2019 18:10  

                            For those of you who got to the logan part after Seath you need to go kill him in the room you first encountered Seath for the chest to appear.

                            • Anonymous

                              17 Mar 2019 18:12  

                              I suggest to go directly to the Great Hollow after farming the leeches for those sweet sweet blue titanite chunks. After this you can go past the Hydra in Darkroot Basin and go for the ember. You will be able to upgrade your weapon to enchanted at the beginning of the game. It's nice.

                              • Anonymous

                                06 Nov 2018 03:37  

                                I had over 20 thousand souls starting from 0, by the time those stupid slugs dropped Green Titanite twice.

                                • Anonymous

                                  10 Sep 2018 12:44  

                                  Hey, I know this is a late response but there is one thing I wanted to mention. You don't actually have to spend souls on a heater shield. instead, use the master key in new londo ruins, and into valley of drakes. If you continue past the cave, you'll come to a sleeping poison dragon. You can stealth up to the items and run after retrieval. One of these is the dragon crest shield which blocks 100 percent physical damage, but has the added advantage of decent flame protection.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    29 Jun 2018 08:06  

                                    Just wanted to put this out there, I'm playing on remastered (don't think it makes a difference though), but when I did the part where I farmed the leeches for green titanite, when I returned to Firelink, the firekeeper was dead, and when I went to Undead Perish, Lautrec wasn't there. I believe my visit to Blighttown is was triggered this to occur, so if you're going through this guide, make sure to kill lautrec before heading to Blighttown, just to be sure

                                    • Anonymous

                                      21 Jun 2018 10:13  

                                      1. Thanks for this great guide.
                                      2. I followed this guide word by word, but i didnt kill Lautrec for the ring, cauz i liked him. Then now he killed the lady and run away. So now iam in sen fortress (at middle of step 3 of this guide) and its quite difficult. But lautrec is far away i guess. Is there an other good ring like the Ring of Favour and Protection not far from me? Or an other item that push me a bit more?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        03 Jun 2018 14:24  

                                        I have the old link to the stats:


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