Prepare to Die Edition for Dark Souls. Catchall list/page for new content and changes in the PC version. Please use the more comprehensive Artorias of the Abyss (Expansion) page instead.



  • Eagle Shield - physical damage reduction to 95%
  • Elemental weapons have lower AR
  • Greatswords and Curved Greatswords attack slower
  • Blocking drains more stamina
  • Less stability increase in greatshields when upgrading
  • Quelaag's Furysword - decreased fire damage -Stats are still the same 90/255.
  • Strength weapons receive some hyper armor. - Only Abyss Greatsword confirmed. [need more info]
  • Some shield types have deflection when used in PvP [need more info]
  • Stamina consumption increased for spear/rapier attacks from behind a shield.
  • Black Knight Greataxe has reduced damage [needs confirmation]




  • HCSM/HSM now do less damage [needs confirmation]
  • Chaos Pyromancies buffed, humanity damage bonus is increased [needs confirmation] -Still doesn't scale with humanity.


  • Critical hits do less damage. This includes riposte and backstabs.
  • Medium roll is faster/all rolls have been buffed [need more info]
  • Gravelords receive humanity when an infected player dies to a BP mob [needs confirmation]
  • Changes to poise [need info and confirmation] - No obvious changes to poise.
  • New warpable bonfires in: Undead Parish (above Andre), The Depths, Painted World of Ariamis (note that you cannot warp from this bonfire), Tomb of the Giants, Duke's Archives, Crystal Cave [additional warps to new areas also]
  • Crystal Golem AoE attack inflicts Curse status. [this is also present in the console versions, but the duration of the effect is so short that it's easily missed]
  • Reah of Thorolund no longer can be drained 12 humanity (with Dark Hand), she now has 0 - Not true. She can still be drained for 12 humanity. (tested once she moved to the chapel)


  • Bottomless Box glitch removed
  • Dragon Headstone glitch removed
  • Spell switch glitch removed
  • Prism Stone item duplication glitch removed
  • Bow backstab removed
  • Dropping of undroppable items (Estus flask, Dark sign ect.) can no longer be dropped.


  • Dark Anor Londo NPCs no longer respawn
  • Environmental lava damage increase
  • Increased souls gained for killing certain enemies [need more info]
  • In-game description of the Pendant fixed: "A simple pendant with no effect." "Even so, pleasant memories are crucial to survival on arduous journeys."

New Content







  • Black Flame (pyromancy)
    Slots: 1, Uses: 8, Magic Type: Pyromancy, ReqParam: None
  • Dark Orb (sorcery)
    Slots: 1, Uses: 12, Magic Type: Magic, ReqParam: 16 INT
  • Dark Bead (sorcery)
    Slots: 1, Uses: 6, Magic Type: Magic, ReqParam: 16 INT
  • Dark Fog (sorcery)
    Slots: 1, Uses: 2, Magic Type: Magic, ReqParam: 18 INT
  • Pursuers (sorcery)
    Slots: 2, Uses: 3, Magic Type: Magic, ReqParam: 32 INT


  • Optional New Sif intro. It only happens if you rescued him in the Chasm of the Abyss before fighting him in Lordran.
  • A few new dialogue lines from Dusk of Oolacile.
  • Battle of Stoicism - New PvP mode, that consists of an arena. To join, the player must first beat the boss Artorias the Abysswalker.

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