Holy Knight

This build is capable of fighting many, many different styles and performing very successfully. Though focused on melee, this build employs the use of several very powerful miracles, which aid the user in many situations where your sword alone will not save you.
This build is capable with ninja flipping with one of the best armor sets in the game, and apparently the creators thought gaining the fast-roll bonus with extremely heavy armor was overpowered. I have to admit, this build certainly is a good example of exactly why they removed the darkwood grain rings fast-rolling ability. Worth mentioning that this build is a bit unbalanced with that ability, so out of fairness you may want to refrain from using the darkwood grain ring.


Starting Class: Bandit:

Vitality: 50
(This vitality combined with Ring of Favor and Protection grants an incredible 1800 health points)
Attunement: 16
(Provides 4 miracle slots)
Endurance: 46
(Wearing Giants Armor two shields and a sword while still managing less than 50% equip burden requires 44 endurance, also the high stamina bar allows for tactics that require high stamina, such as frequent roll attacks)
Strength: 16
(Required to wield the claymore)
Dexterity: 10
(Required to wield the claymore)
Resistance: 11
(Left at base primarily because the physical defense it provides hardly makes a difference when wearing excellent armor)
Intelligence: 8
(No magic is used, left at base)
Faith: 50
(This faith level provides excellent damage for all miracles used, and also grants higher magic defense)
SL: 125
(For a lower soul level, points should be taken out of Vitality or Faith due to the extreme diminishing returns from 40 to 50, but not from endurance or you may find that you cannot carry your equipment)


Alternate equipment and miracles are listed so that the build may fit your personal play-style.

Weapons and Armor:

Right Hand 1: Occult Claymore + 5 / Chaos Claymore + 5/ Lightning Claymore +5

The Occult Claymore does valuable magic damage, Chaos claymores with 10 humanity do the highest damage, and many, many people have low lightning defense, the difference between them is almost negligible.

Right Hand 2: Darkmoon Talisman ( Due to having 50 faith, this talisman provides the highest magic adjust stat)

Left Hand 1: Crest Shield + 15 (Light shield with a mediocre parrying ability, nice stability, and awesome magic protection)

Left Hand 2: Grass Crest Shield + 15

Head: Mask of the Child / Crown of the Dark Sun

Chest: Giants Torso + 5

Hands: Giants Gauntlets + 5

Legs: Giants Legs + 5

Ring 1: Ring of favor and protection

Ring 2: Darkwood Grain Ring / Ring of the Sun's Firstborn

Items: Lloyd's Talismans, Humanity and Estus Flasks. Green Blossom


16 Attunement grants 4 slots, plan accordingly.

Tranquil Walk of Peace x1: an excellent miracle that slows opponents, making them unable to dodge or flee from you, but its all too easy for someone to backstab you while you're still casting it. People complain about this miracle, call it unfair, call it bullshit, because it renders players ultimately defenseless. Use it, or don't, I don't give a fuck. I personally don't use miracles unless its a 2v1 anyhow, simply because I don't need to.

Wrath of gods x2: A fantastic miracle that protects its user while also inflicting massive damage to ones opponents. Though all 6 casts are rarely necessary, some opponents are simply incapable of dodging them. Also worth mentioning is that if combined with tranquil walk of peace dodging this miracle becomes impossible, allowing a ridiculous chain cast with guaranteed hits. Gaining the second scroll does require going into new game plus and buying it again from Rhea of Thorolund .

Gravelord Greatsword Dance x1: This miracle is basically firestorm for faith users. Though quite difficult to obtain, its can be useful on some occasions, especially because it hits through shields and has quite a large aoe.

Great Lightning Spear x1: Deals very powerful lightning damage and only takes up one slot, primarily for PVE but it can be used in pvp also, though good luck hitting people with it.

Great Magic Barrier x1: Another great pvp miracle that renders mages and some faith builds completely useless, though it cannot be used in combination with tranquil walk of peace.

Great Heal x1: Restores max health. Though this miracle is useless if you're using humanity, some form of recovery is necessary.


General: The claymore is an incredibly versatile weapon, while requiring very low stats to wield it can dish out massive amounts of damage. When one-handed, the claymore does relatively weak slashing attacks, but these attacks are quite hard to dodge and can hit people when they are trying to land a backstab. When two-handed, the claymores attacks stunlock almost anyone, allowing you to hit incredible damage while they cant even roll out of the way. The two hand attacks are verticle strikes though, which leaves you open to backstabs. The claymore's sprinting attack is incredible, pulling the sword around your entire body, which punishes backstabs and does fairly good damage. Its rolling attack is a nice thrust, which can be used to simply kite foes who are getting too close, or who have short ranged weapons. Miracles are best incorporated into your attacks, and most people will not notice you if you quickly switch to your talisman and cast wrath of gods, almost guaranteeing one good hit, though subsequent casts will most likely be dodged. Also, if you happen to be wielding the Occult Claymore, beware of the anti-magic shield and anti-magic barrier. Both of these spells will cause your sword to do almost no damage. Since the Occult Claymore has 350 magic damage.
Countering Mages, Pyromancers, and Clerics: Against all magic users make sure to be able to block against their attacks, the grass crest shield grants plenty of fire reduction and the crest shield prevents plenty of magic reduction, if you do take a hit, your relative defense stats are quite high, so the damage should not be too severe, but when you're a phantom every bit counts. When fighting wraith of gods, you just gotta learn how to dodge it, its not too hard, just roll during the wind up and you can avoid the shockwave. Pyromancers' and Mages' attacks seem to ignore the laws of nature, the laws of physics, and seem to have a range about 5 times what it seems, be sure to dodge their attacks even when you should have sidestepped them, or at least have your shield up, because when they connect, they hurt. Almost all of these builds have relatively low defense, so killing them should be easy once you close the distance. They are most potent when using phantoms to keep you away, so a tranquil walk can make this fight easier, allowing you to slip past the phantom and go straight for the host, if you must kill the phantom try to land a lloyd's talisman on the host so that he cannot heal the phantom while you are still fighting him.
Countering Strength Builds: Giant weapons such as the Black Knights Battleaxe require you to be mobile, for you are out ranged and have less damage. If you so much as pause for one second, you can find yourself being hit by an incredibly powerful weapon, but your poise should prevent you from being stunlocked. The rolling attack whilst two handing the claymore provides a relatively long ranged stabbing attack, which is perfect for dodging and counter-attacking, but dont let them land a backstab, which can easily happen while you're rolling.
Countering Rogue Builds: The most dangerous is a player who is an expert at parrying. Greatswords are much easier to parry than other weapons, and if you see the buckler, target shield, or parrying dagger, make sure to be on your guard. Miracles may be effective, but players who can parry efficiently usually have pvped enough to make landing a hit with any miracle difficult. When a player is attempting to backstab you, you must be extra careful to not leave yourself open. Don't miss, and stay on your feet, and you should be fine. Roll thrusts and sprinting attacks are you friend.
Small swords, fast weapons, shield-less builds, and the like: I've fought very few people whom I could not make them flinch in two hits, meaning that as long as I land two hits, I can deplete their entire health bar by simply spamming R1, many players fail to notice this, and try to be aggressive while using weapons such as the furysword. If you both attack at the same time, they will flinch, you will not, and you will come out on top.

Player-Vs-Player Courtesy Rules:
Obviously most people could care less about manners, but since the massive advantage hosts have over phantoms was a deliberate part of the game to dissuade pvp combat, its kinda like the developers are giving us the big middle finger. So if you wish to have a fair fight, there are some basic rules.
  • As a host: You are given an extreme advantage over any invading phantoms, so If you want a fair fight, don't use estus, don't set traps, and don't summon others.
  • As a phantom: If a host is not using his recovery advantage, please don't use your environmental advantage, because trust me, I don't care how many Treants are helping you, you're still at a disadvantage when he summons a phantom.
  • Bow: This lets others know you're ready to fight, and also lets them know that you will (hopefully) fight fairly.
  • Miracles, sorceries, and pyromancies are all part of this highly balanced combat system, if you don't like getting killed by them, then you either need to learn how to fight them, or correct your build so that you are capable of fighting them.

Most people don't give a shit about fair fights, they are there to farm to get souls, or they just take joy in killing player after player until they have millions upon millions of souls, but maybe if we can get enough people who do give a shit, we can have a tournament, If anyone is hosting one, I'd love to take part.


Testimonies,, reviews, insults, and suggestions go below, please sign them with your wiki name and/or your PSN name. Simply edit the page to add them.

Also, I have not found any specific counters to this build, I'm sure they must exist, so if you think your build counters mine, or you just wanna duel me, my PSN is Ev0x_Frost.
Oglop: I think any decent rogue player could land an easy backstab after a swing and miss from your greatsword. If they have DWGR to close the distance and <25% Equipment Load, they can and will wreck you. Force or WOTG could push them away if you're fast enough, but the charge-up time leaves you open. I think a weapon with longer reach would work better so they have to be farther away from you to dodge.
Ev0x: Actually, you're very correct, the claymore's swings do leave you rather wide open. When fighting rogue builds I usually end up one handing because its much harder to dodge it, and often it will cause them to flinch due to their incredibly low poise, but sometimes they are able to backstab me. I usually end up backstabbing them instead, or roll thrusting them several times. If you can find a weapon that would work well as a replacement please show me, but I'm rarely ever beaten by rogue builds.


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