Created by: Milesthesage
A gimmicky build based off of the character, the Necromancer, from the game Castle Crashers. It utilizes Undead Rapport, so you'll want to be invaded primarily though it fares well doing the invading as well. The potential of poisoning an opponent goes great against people who like to turtle against you, as it'll rack up on damage as well as having an unorthodox attack pattern with the Gravelord Sword's swings. What you'll want to do is use Undead Rapport on a particularly strong enemy as both of you fight against the invader, similar to the Necromancer from Castle Crashers spawning enemies to do his biddings. Armor is arranged to look as relatively similar to the Necromancer as possible, as well as the weapon chosen for this build.

external image Necromancer.jpg

Notable places to be invaded at:
  • Undead Burg - The Heavy Knight that guards the Firekeeper Soul is a nice add to your "party" if you have not slain him yet
  • Sen's Fortress - Same as above except respawnable
  • Painted World of Ariamis - My most favorite place to go as the walkway is narrow where the Heavy Knight is located at, which makes it harder for your invader to dodge attacks from both you and the Heavy Knight; Heavy Knight is also respawnable

Notable places to do invasions:
  • Anor Londo - All those Silver Knights just sitting there waiting to join in on the fight
  • Catacombs - Skeletons, skeletons everywhere
  • Oolacile Township - Utilize the enemies there, make them do the work for you while applying pressure to the host

Soul Level: 100-120
Starting Class: Bandit
Vitality: 37
(If you decide to go to level 120, pump everything into here)
Attunment: 12
(Two slots allows for a backup pyromancy if need-be)
Endurance: 35
Strength: 24
Dexterity: 45
Resistance: Leave at base
Intelligence: Leave at base
Faith: Leave at base


Head: Gargoyle Helmet (Gives you that Necromancer look)
Chest: Dark Armor
Hands: Eastern Gauntlets
Legs: Dark Leggings
Ring: Ring of Favor and Protection
Ring: Havel's Ring
(These two rings and with the endurance stat that you have allows for fast roll)


Right Hand 1: Gravelord Sword + 5
Right Hand 2: None
Left Hand 1: Crest Shield
Left Hand 2: Pyromancy Flame Ascended + 5


Undead Rapport (Only when you want to be invaded)
Great Combustion (Great for use after a back-stab, followup with a flame to the face)
Fire Tempest (Fire pillars everywhere, great AoE coverage)
Great Fireball (Good range attack as this would be your only range attack)
Gravelord Sword Dance (Only use if you want to feel more like an undead overlord, as the damage and coverage isn't as great as Fire Tempest)
(Feel free to switch around these spells but if you are choosing to be invaded, you'll need Undead Rapport)

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