Sonho's CWM Build
PSN/GT: Sonhoo - Feel free to ask questions and/or add me.
Live Stream:
Starting Class: Pyromancer
Soul Level: 120
Vit - 45 (Could be lowered to 40 if you want too) - 1424 Health
Atu - 12 (Base, 2 attument slots)
End - 40 (Never go over 40 End. You wont need more) 160 stamina
Str - 14 (Can be increased to 16 or 20 if you want to wield Drake Sword at the beginning or Washing Pole at the end)
Dex - 40 (Never go over 40. The dmg scaling is lower after 40)
Res - 12 (Keep it base)
Int - 32 ( 32 is needed for Tin Crystallization Catalyst)
Faith - 9 (base)

Crystal Magic Weapon - Weapon enchantment - Logan(Duke Archives 20000)
Note to everyone: Even if a player blocks your weapon which is enchanted with CMW they still will take a small amount of damage and the AUX meter will continue up and make them bleed!
Recommened Weapons:
Uchigatana +15 - Parabonus B (Dex) - Scales extremly good and will be one of the best choices you have.
Iaito +15 - Parabonus B (Dex) - Lower base damage then the Uchigatana but is also a very good weapon for any Dex build.
Washing Pole +15 - Parabonus D (Str and Dex) - With lower parabonus the Washing pole does less damage then all other katanas. You will also need to sacriface Vit or End since it needs 20 Str. However, this weapon an extemly large range, thanks to its long blade.

Recommened Rings:
Ring of favour and protection - Increases HP,STA and Equipment load. NEVER remove this if equiped!
East Wood Grain Ring - Halves the rate at which Weapons lose durability. (Mainy for PvE)
Dark Wood Grain Ring - allows you to move as if you had 1/4th equip load if you have up to 1/2 burden - Great ring if you want to use heavy armor
Cloranthy Ring - Increases STA regeneration (Also stacks with Grass Crest Shield and Green Blossom

Grass Crest Shield - Increases STA recovery. Its a great shield for both PvP and PvE
Crest Shield - Greatly reduces magic damage. Can be a good choice against Casters
Tin Crystallization Catalyst - Scales (S) with Int

Use any armor set/combination that fits your playstyle. However, be sure to have 25% of you EQ load so you dont do a fatty roll!

Green Blossom - Temporary boosts stamina recovery speed when consumed (Stacks with Grass Crest Shield
Humanity- Increases Humanity by 1 and restores a large amount of HP when consumed.
Mage/Casters: This battle is an easy win for us. Just remember the five d's of dodgeball: dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge! They have limited uses on thier spells and if they start running towards enemys just wait them out.

Cartwheeling Fatties (Tanks) - This is a tough fight for almost anyone. If the player uses a twohanded with a slowrecovery try to get a few hits before his able to move again.

Missingno Rogues (Ring of fog users) - Just keep an eye out for him. He will try to backstabb you as much he can. The five d's of dodgeball works great here too untill you get a hit in and keep him in a stunlock.

PvE: Your weapons wont do much damage untill it gets +13-15 and CMW. Use a lightning weapon untill then (Lightning Spear from Sen's Fortress works great).

Pros and Cons with this build:
Extremly high damage and will be even greater in the upcomming patch
Good health and mobility
Looks kickass with Painting Guardian Set

No Healing spell (Unless you Spell Swap! )
Low damage at the beginning
Might be hard for new players to not use Drake Sword

More information will be added later on!

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