SL: 123 (Cleric)
VIT: 50 (For 1500 HP)
ATT: 16 (4 spell slots)
END: 40 (Max Stamina)
STR: 16 (Halberd/Claymore use)
DEX: 14 (So I can use the uchigatana for fun...NOT required...leave it at 12 unless you want access to some dex blades)
RES: 11
INT: 8
FAITH: 50...know you're tempted to go past this for a faith build....don't. The stat bonuses after 50 are hilariously weak. You need VIT

RH1: Occult Halberd +5 OR Occult Claymore +5 (Halberd is my favorite...although many consider it "noobish" for some stupid reason...probably cause they can't beat it)

LH1: Grass Grest Shield +15 (for bolstered stamina regen)

RH2: Pyromancy Flame +15

LH2: Ivory Talisman

Pyromancies: Great Combustion/Fire Surge

Miracles: Wrath of the Gods/Tranquil Walk of Peace (reserved for cheap players)

Rings: Darkwood Grain Ring (Must Have)/Hornet's Ring OR Wolf Ring (good if you want to PvP with a heavier weapon like the claymore.... you avoid getting stunned in the middle of swinging)

Armor: Balder Armor +10/Balder Leggings +10/Paladin Gauntlets +5/Thief Mask +10)....This was the combo I settled on because my equip load was still less than 50% so I didn't need to use Havel's ring. I wanted the "amazon queen" look for my evil chick warrior so I went with balder:)

Stat Progression: Start out bumping up your STR to 16 and Dex to 12 to get the necessary stats for the Halberd. Next focus on VIT and END..once you have each around 20 each go ahead and to uniform increases with VIT/STR/FAI all equally until you get END maxed out at 40. Then just VIT and FAI until you reach your level cap.

Strategy: This is predominately a 2-handed melee build. The halberd and claymore are exellent weapons (especially for beginners...and vets like me) because of their reach and stun-lock capabilities. Witth max-out endurance you should be able to jab someone 6 times one-handed and 4 times two-handed with both.....nearly always enough to kill your opponent. Backstabs with the hornet ring yield over 1000 damage with each weapon. The darkwood grain ring provides excellent dodging capibilities and at +10 the Balder and Elite Knight armor sets are almost as good as most heavy sets out there and light enough to avoid using havel's ring. Remember....the best defense is not your's not getting hit period. You will almost never use your miracles or pyromancies. High level PvP is usually very fast-paced so it's hard to do so. Use great combustion or wrath of the gods if your opponent is a shield whore. WOG miracle normally provides 400-600 damage for a direct hit...even more for a critical. If some guy is a dick and uses the invincibility hack just TWOP him and wait for his spell to wear off. Fire surge is useful if you backstab or riposte your opponent so you can sink some damage in while they're getting up.

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