Build in action - (first couple fights are a tad long. Anyway, feel free to leave comments or suggestions on video :D )
Starting class: I used thief but really most classes would work. Int/Faith is not needed.

Soul level 99
Vitality: 28
Attunement: 12
Endurance: 40
Strength: 27
Dexterity: 40
Intelligence/Resistance/Faith: Base

Right Hand: Gravelord Sword +5 / Pyromancy Flame Ascended +5
Left Hand: Lifehunt Scythe +5 / Black Knight Shield

Poison Mist
Acid Surge

Head: Gold-Hemmed Black Hood
Chest: Dark Armor +5
Hands: Havel's Gauntlets
Legs: Gold-Hemmed Black Skirt

Ring of Favor and Protection
Dark Wood Grain Ring

In this build, it is important to stay mobile and anticipate hits so you can dodge/counter hit. You're gonna have low poise so try not to get caught up in a large weapons two handed attack. Against weapon enchants cast your spells to stall on enchant time. If its big weapons use lifehunt to attack out of range, if it's a katana/rapier it's probably best to use the shield in off hand to block lunging attacks. You should also use the shield against pyromancy, especially combustion. Almost forgot, don't use the normal R1 with the gravelord sword. It is very slow. Use R2 and running attacks.
That's the basic concepts of the build. Have fun!


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