Introduction: Crystal Magic Weapons (CMW) builds are very aggressive builds using CMW to buff their damage to very high numbers and then bashing their enemy into oblivion. Because CMW has a limited duration aggression is key. If you lose your buff you lose that advantage; this is why we carry a powerful back-up weapon. It may not be as good as your buffed weapon but it also works well. If this sounds like your kind of build continue reading.

Starting Class- Pyromancer

CMW: Crystal Magic Weapons (CMW) is a very powerful buff and the basis of this build. CMW damage is added onto the base weapon and is determined by multiplying the Magic Adjust on the Catalyst by 1.4. At 32 Int a character can gain access to the Tin Crystallization Catalyst which gives 254 Magic Adjust. This means CMW will add 355 Magic damage to whatever weapon is enchanted. This is an incredible damage buff. Unfortunately not every weapon can be buffed. As a simple rule any titanite shard based weapon that does purely physical damage can be buffed. Some unique weapons can be buffed but for the most part they are not very good choices and I recommend sticking with titanite shard based weapons.

Weapon Choices: Now this is probably the most important part of your decision making regarding this build. It is very important that you are comfortable with the weapon you are using so that you can perform well with that weapon. First we will look at what weapon we will enchant.

Good weapon choices (damage WITH CMW added on) NOTE THESE STATS ARE PROVIDED BY Mud_Chan AND ARE CORRECT FOR THE 1.04 PATCH
Man-Serpent Greatsword+15: 861 AR
Reinforced Club+15: 771 AR
Claymore+15: 745 AR

ULTRA-Weapons (Be warned with the great power of these weapons comes a slow swing speed)
Great Club+15: 975AR
Greataxe+15: 934 AR
Demon Great Machete+15: 973 AR
Zweihander+15: 872 AR

Back-Up Weapons: In addition to a good +15 weapon to enchant you will probably want a solid back-up weapon in case you can't get an enchant off or you run out of casts of CMW. This again comes down to preference. And is basically the list above in lightning, fire, or chaos form.

Armor: Armor is also up to preference; but two good rules of thumb is to stay below 50% Equip Load--this is important for speed and staying aggressive. And keep your poise above 53. Higher poise is always better but 53 is the minimum to avoid claymore stunlocks. Mix and match armor for good poise and weight.
Some (but not all) good Armor Choices include: Elite Knight, Paladin, Stone, Havels, Smoughs, and Giant.

Spells: CMW (a given on a CMW build). Since this build has 12 Att at base we can also add a ranged option in Homing Crystal Soulmass, A fun option with Chameleon, or if you are willing to go through NG+ you can grab CMW twice.

Ring Options: Ring of Favor And Protection, Lingering Dragoncrest Ring (prolongs effect of CMW), Dark Grain Ring, Hornets Ring (if you are good at back-stabbing/riposte). Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring DOES NOT increase CMW's damage.

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