Soul Level: 120
Starting Class: Cleric

40 Vitality
23 Attunement
40 Endurance
16 Strength
14 Dexterity
50 Faith

Recommended Gear:
Rings: Ring of Favor, Ring of the Firstborn, Darkwood Grain Ring, Wolf Ring, Ring of Fog
Armor: Crown of the Dark Sun (10% to miracles and pyromancy), anything that has good defense to weight ratio without making you fatroll, or anything with good poise
Weapons: Uchigitana, Estoc, Claymore, Zweihander

Wrath of the Gods: This miracle rocks. Much faster than its predecessor, albeit with smaller range, this is what I recommend using when they are close. Its only limitation is 3 charges, so time them well (IE, mix it up with some melee)
Tranquil Walk of Peace: This is Faiths answer to roll spamming. This miracle is very, very powerful, allowing you to essentially control your opponent by slowing him down to a trod. The range is also very good, allowing you a safe distance from backstabs as long as you are careful.
Lightning/Great Bolt, Sunlight Spear: I'll start with the bad news first. The windup time is very slow on each of these attacks, allowing ample time to dodge them. The small hit range also means its tracking is sometimes less than desired. Furthermore, Sunlight Spear, unlike Soul Spear, is covenant limited, meaning Darkmoon Blades cant use it. Good news is that there's not a lot of Lightning defense in this game, so when getting hit by one of these things, it will hurt. I recommend using it against someone else casting/flasking to guarantee a hit.
Emit Force: HADOKEN!! Sorry about that. This miracle is hit and miss, literally. And the windup time is just as bad as Lightning Bolt. I'd pass on this if I were you.
Replenishment: With Second Chance gone, you might as well buff yourself with something. This could very well save your life.
Karmic Justice: Rarely works, and when it does, your opponent has to be near you. While its still a benefit to you to use this, Id rather use Replenishment or Power Within
Power Within: This pyromancy is a double edged sword NOT recommended for Phantoms. The damage output is very high, but the hp drain is just too much in my humble opinion.
Heal/Great Heal: Only useful if you're a Phantom or out of Flasks. The only safe time to use this is when you know you can't be punished for it, because the cast time leaves you very vulnerable to backstabs, etc. That being said, Great Heal will bring you back to full in virtually every single case, so equipping this is up to you.
Great Combustion: Powerful melee ranged burst attack. And its fire based to boot! And you can use this just as well as any Sorceror, which is what makes Pyromancy so awesome. A recommended spell
Fire Whip/Chaos: This spell is ok, in that it is very possible to miss and even get backstabbed during it. The radii of the attack range is decent though. Personally, Id pass on this one for a better miracle
Vow of Silence: Limited use, but punishing when its warranted. 2 Slot requirement is a bit harsh though
Greater Magic Barrier: This spell cuts down the power of any spellsword/caster significantly, including the Faith users. However, unlike Vow of Silence, this will only work against non elemental magic, and wont prevent them from casting Miracles or non damaging but still threatening abilities like Tranquil Walk, etc. Unconfirmed if it works against Divine/Enchanted/Magic weapons

You play very similiarly to a spellsword: your powerful melee strikes are equaled by your deadly use of magic. Running in to do a dashing R1 with a Uchigitana and casting Wrath is what makes this build very good!
Theres tons of variety with this build too: you can focus more on melee with a Dark Wood Grain Ring and cast spells to augment yourself, or you can gear up for magic with a Sunborn Ring/Dark Sun Crown
While this may get nerfed soon, Tranquil Walk of Peace is very overpowered. This will make your attacks much more easier to land, and theres nothing more punishing than getting hit in the face with a fully charged Sunlight Spear.
Wrath of the Gods should be used SPARINGLY. Its a good miracle, but people will see it coming. Try to mix it up, this is personal experience talking here.

More soon!

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